AH Collection owners talk success, fashion and partnership

Writer  /  Allison Yates
Photographer  /  Jamie Sangar

Since 2012, AH Collection has provided Noblesville with women’s clothing, accessories and cosmetics described as “stylish, fun, unique.” From great gift items like fashionable spirit gear and bracelets to trendy pieces like graphic tees and cutout shoulder tops, women find everything they need to look stylish and feel confident at the right price.   

Owners Anne White and Holly Kirsh, longtime friends and business partners, once said they’d never open a retail store.

The two had met more than two decades ago while teaching fitness, and besides friendship, they soon developed a cosmetics line. While hosting trunk shows and smaller events with other local women entrepreneurs, they started selling more than just beauty products. Before they knew it, trunk shows turned into a small boutique run out of their homes a few hours a week. The diversity of products, as well as their client base, continued to grow.

“We couldn’t keep buying this quantity of inventory and only see people eight hours a week,” Kirsh says.

Then, 2008 hit. The phrase “never say never” suddenly had an impact on their lives. The economic crisis put many stores out of business and White and Kirsh were able to test running a retail store.

They had the opportunity to open a pop-up holiday showroom in Clay Terrace. The temporary store became a permanent fixture there, making it the first small local business in a Simon mall.

Then, just four years after opening, a second store found a home at Hamilton Town Center.

“It was baby steps,” Kirsh says. They opened the pop-up store thinking it’d only last between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“But we never left,” Kirsh says.

Since then, they’ve helped transform the wardrobes of countless women. The dedicated sales associates know how to help professional women repurpose work clothes for a night out with friends or strategize how to pair existing clothing items to expand their options. With AH Collection’s active wear selection, women can look stylish while running errands.

AH Collection employees love to encourage women to look and feel their best, but it’s not all about the fashion.

“The glory of our business is meeting people, because every single client has a story,” White says. Women share victories and celebrations, but also heartbreak and struggles.

In a retail store where genuine relationship building takes precedence, it’s easy to see White and Kirsh have a unique way of running their business. They credit their success to shared values, hands-on management and a genuine love for people.

“We’ve always been on the same page, and that’s what’s kept us so strong and successful,” White says. “We keep our priorities in line.”

“It’s faith, family and friendship before anything else,” Kirsh adds.

AH Collection has successfully evolved with changing trends and recently expanded to sell merchandise online. Their new website showcases their latest collections, events and information on locations.

Besides being entrepreneurs, both White and Kirsh are also proud mothers and wives. Through the challenges and successes of both personal life and business, the pair have supported each other.

“It’s been a fun journey, and we’re blessed because we’ve had each other to do it with,” Kirsh says.

Stop into AH Collection for the latest fashions at an affordable price, and be sure to check out their themed merchandise for holidays and events like the Indianapolis 500. To shop online, visit ahcollection.com.


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Carolyn Crawley
November 6, 2017 at 11:40 am

Love AH Collection! Check out their beautiful and unique "COLLECTIONS"

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