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Local Talent Featured in Ad Campaign for Community Health Network

Writer / Julie Yates
Photography Provided

This summer, Indianapolis viewers of the Olympic Games in Tokyo probably noticed a heartwarming advertisement with a catchy tune that raises awareness for Community Health Network. The spot, a remake of a 2019 commercial, features a version of the song “Stand By Me” sung by seven actual health-care heroes. Members of this special choir include Noblesville residents Emily and Matthew Haus, and Christopher Teske.  Although none of the three have ever been professional musicians, each has enjoyed singing throughout their lives.

Local Talent Featured in Ad Campaign for Community Health Network

Talent for the ensemble was pulled from a wide variety of Community Health Network employees in varied jobs including emergency-department nurses, a financial counselor, an occupational therapist, and a provider-relations analyst, among others. The goal of the advertising campaign is to spotlight diversity in the both Community’s work environment and the patients served. Prospective members of the choir answered a virtual call-out in an internal newsletter.

A blurb stated that anyone interested in being part of the Community choir for the update could audition by sending in a video of their take on the first verse and chorus. Teske, an ambulatory site support analyst at Pavilion Washington, shot a video with his phone. Emily Haus, an occupational therapist in Anderson, and her husband Matthew, an outpatient physical therapist in Anderson, recorded footage singing together.

“It seemed like the opportunity to do something really cool,” Matthew says. “We didn’t want just one of us to do it, but wanted to do it together. We lead praise music at our church but had never been to a professional studio before. Because of COVID everyone had to go to the studio separately, but we could come in together. We did a few different takes. We got to hear it played back to us along with the different tracks.”

Teske, a former school teacher who now trains and supports Community Health Network caregivers on project rollouts in more than 15 different offices in the east region, attended college on a swim scholarship. Before he earned his elementary education degree, he won an “American Idol” contest in Toledo, Ohio. As a winning regional contestant, he was flown to the next level of competition.

“Simon Cowell’s advice to me was to finish college,” Teske says. “Now I’m not involved in music as much but I still like to do karaoke. Being in the commercial has led to me being asked to sing the national anthem at an Indy Eleven game, and I will be singing in February at the Giving Gig, a fundraiser to help cancer patients with financial needs.”

The commercial debuted this past July at an Indy Eleven game. During the summer Olympics it aired locally on television several times per day. Visuals of the campaign have been placed on billboards.

“I liked the idea of ‘Stand By Me,’” Emily says. “I felt it was sort of a calling that Matt and I could use our talents outside of church to bless the community. We love our work and we love music. I’m glad we could combine them together.”

To view a behind-the-scenes video, visit youtube.com/watch?v=Bsdgx-zB2N8.

Local Talent Featured in Ad Campaign for Community Health Network

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