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Originally from St. Joseph, Missouri, Toni Price, director of sales and marketing for Muncie Magazine, has lived in Muncie for close to 30 years. While she remains a loyal Kansas City Chiefs fan, she could not love Muncie more.

“I never run out of things to do here, from the concerts to the parks to the festivals – all free, by the way!” says Price. “There are times that I have to choose from a half a dozen activities that are going on in the community.”

Price, who sold radio ads for 15 years, was retired for one day before she accepted this job.Toni Price

“I love this magazine and the fact that we share things about people and events in Delaware County,” Price says. “This community deserves a good magazine with beautiful stories about businesses and people.”

Price is all about spreading positivity every chance she gets. This is why, when people ask her how she’s doing, her answer is always, “I’m good!”

“That’s what I choose,” she says. “Sure, there are challenges, but challenges don’t make for a bad day. They just make for a bad moment. It doesn’t affect my mood.”

During the pandemic-related lockdowns, her perspective came sharply into focus and she established several mantras that she now lives by. They include: “Always do the next right thing. Give a smile to someone who needs it. Open doors. Say please. Call your parents. Invite a friend to lunch. And never expect too much.”

Working in the field of marketing, Price has enjoyed watching businesses grow and flourish. She has also attended many conferences and seminars, where she has been captivated by a number of motivational speakers including Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar, Christopher Reeve, Barbara Bush and Tony Robbins. Still, she claims the best life lessons have come from Mr. Rogers and Dolly Parton.

Price, who has two adult children and three grandchildren (ages 16, 13 and 10), loves to garden, hike, learn about birds, plant flowers and spend time outdoors. She also enjoys hanging out with her family, going to concerts, doing water classes at the YMCA, and attending plays at the Muncie Civic Theatre. She has a 30-pound rescue dog named Buddy. Prior to the pandemic, the two used to visit assisted-living facilities. During COVID when the world went virtual, the pair participated in an online reading program with several grade schools.

“Buddy would sit in front of the computer while the children read to him,” Price says. “Then, when restrictions were lifted, we were able to mask up and go to the schools in person. Buddy’s a rock star.”

Price is a rock star in her own right, as the people of Muncie know her well and have come to trust her.

“My favorite quote is, ‘People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,’” Toni Price says. “I hope the clients I work with know I have their best interest in mind.”

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