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Whitetail Properties Agent Talks Client-First Approach

Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

Recreational, hunting, farmland and rural residential properties are increasingly popular, and Rob Styka, a land specialist with Whitetail Properties, says the company is successfully filling buyers’ demands for these properties.

“Effectively, I am a real estate agent licensed in both Indiana and Illinois, with specialized training, education and experience in selling rural homesteads, recreational and hunting properties, farms, ranches and timber ground,” Styka says. “Whitetail Properties is headquartered in Pittsfield, Illinois, but we have a team of 11 agents, all based and living in Indiana within the areas they serve.”

Styka says that Whitetail Properties was founded almost 12 years ago because there was a huge need for specialized agents with the training, experience, education and passion for helping buyers and sellers with recreational, hunting and farmland as well as rural residential properties.

“We saw there were many real estate companies that would list any type of property for sale, from a house in town to a gas station, or commercial building, up to a large farm, without having any expertise or a passion in selling any of those,” Styka says. “We truly feel you cannot properly service your clients if you are trying to dabble in all facets of real estate sales and not focusing on what you do best to help clients.”

Styka believes his clients will tell others that Whitetail Properties is one of the best to work with.

“In terms of size and the experience of our company, we employ over 250 full-time agents in 27 states and are constantly growing,” Styka adds. “In 2018 alone, our sales were $1.1 billion, with almost  300,000 acres of land being sold, and 2019 is proving to be even better.”

In addition to successfully closings on hundreds of thousands of acres of land, Whitetail Properties also marketed and sold, in record time, the 18,043 acre La Bandera Ranch in Texas for more than $54M.

“Our company has also been repeatedly named one of ‘America’s Best Brokerages,’ by the Land Report,  and our ‘Whitetail Properties’ television show has been previously awarded the prestigious ‘Best Educational/Informational’ show in the Sportsmans Choice Awards,” Styka says.

Styka adds that Whitetail Properties only hires the most skilled, knowledgeable, honest and hard-working real estate agents in the country.

“We also only hire full-time agents that work for Whitetail Properties and not some franchise brokerage,” he says. “Since we have so many agents in many states, the specialty or niche of each agent in each state may vary slightly, but we all keep in line with Whitetail Properties’ position as the premier land brokerage company. Here in Northern Indiana, we obviously have a higher population density and more developed areas, as well as a lot of farm, wooded and lake property. As a result, my sales and experience reflect that. My listings vary from a five or 10-acre rural homesite, a high-end lake property, a true recreational or hunting property up to several hundred acres of farm ground.”

Some properties may have several of these property types all in the same tract, so Styka looks at different ways to market, or even split properties, to achieve the best and highest market value, and expose the listing to the most qualified buyers as possible.

Whitetail Properties’ national television show sponsors include John Deere, Quality Deer Management Association, Winchester, Yeti Coolers, Lacrosse Footwear, Morton Buildings, Buck Knives, Mathews Archery, Banks Blinds, Whitetail Institute, Sitka Clothing, Hunter Safety and many more.

“When a group of America’s leading brands choose Whitetail Properties as a business partner, it’s just another good reason buyers and sellers partner up with us every day all across the country,” Styka says.

For more information on Whitetail Properties, visit whitetailproperties.com or give Styka a call at 708-837-0868.

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