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Husband-and-Wife Team Takes Ownership of Three Crowns Coffee in Warsaw

Writer / Amy Lant-Wenger
Photographer / Ali Snyder

How would most folks define a traditional Midwestern culinary experience?

Would the narrative include various comfort foods, some uniquely homestyle inspired, like hand-spun noodles, sugar cream pies and Hoosier fries?Three Crowns Coffee

Or maybe images of county fairs come to mind, with visions of elephant ears, farm-fresh ice cream, and anything that can be made all the more delicious by way of a deep fryer.

While these scenarios are all typically accurate, Obadiah and Sarah Clemans are warmly inviting guests to come and experience another level of dining, one that takes many of those familiar customer favorites and gives them a refined and modern twist. The menu draws largely on gourmet, specialty coffees and authentic Japanese ramen, a “must try,” as described by Obadiah. The selections also include items such as craft sodas, baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and vegetarian-tailored entrées.

This husband-and-wife team has recently taken ownership of Three Crowns Coffee in Warsaw. While the original ownership first launched the shop back in 2013, Obadiah started his employment there in 2019, “simply looking to switch jobs,” as he recalls. During his earlier time there, however, he was entrusted with a project that allowed him to work with the previous owner, and his perspective was shifted a bit.Three Crowns Coffee

“The previous owner was looking for help with renovating the shop,” he says. “He and I worked through the summer to prepare the space for opening that winter. It was a lot of work that inspired me to look to purchase some part of the business, if not all of it.”

“My wife and I actually went to school for ministry and ended up owning a coffee shop,” he continues. Even so, their strong connections to family and faith are woven like threads into the fabric of the shop’s environment. Maintaining the historic integrity of the building was, and continues to be, another realm of focus for the evolution of Three Crowns Coffee, as is the desire to provide a welcoming and thought-provoking atmosphere.

“Three Crowns Coffee is located in a renovated automotive garage,” Clemans explains. “We removed all of the car gear, from the lifts to the wrenches, cleaned the place up, and put a coffee bar in the middle of the cement room. During the nice weather, we open up the garage doors and enjoy the sounds of traffic and conversation.”

“For some reason, coffee shops always assume the ‘cozy’ vibes,” he continues. “However, Three Crowns Coffee typically morphs depending on the day. Some days, the lo-fi music brings the chill sounds to study. Other days, crunchy synth-wave music is playing in the shop and you get revved up before caffeine enters your system.” Although there might be a special selection on the menu that grows to become a customer favorite with each visit, each return will introduce diners to a new adventure.

Clemans is quick to laud his wife for her excellent managerial skills, and it is clear that they are bonded well as a business partnership. “I am most skilled in the ability to learn anything that is put in front of me,” he says. “Sarah is gifted with numbers, and that has been a great boon. So when the blessed opportunity arose, I found myself learning.”Three Crowns Coffee

The couple is also fully committed to sparking a spirit of conversation and introspection, in which, quite possibly, the patrons are learning a thing or two as well. “The shop is certainly dedicated to not only serving quality coffee and ramen, but also group forms of philosophy, theology and the sciences – and all things nerd,” Clemans says.

In time, Three Crowns Coffee will likely change up some of the aesthetics of the shop with refreshed artwork, and there are plans to add some merchandise. Obadiah and Sarah have been awestruck by the kindness of the community as well. “The customers and community have been an outstanding blessing to the transition – a plethora of businessmen with tips for us as we learn, and coffee enthusiasts with drink ideas,” Clemans says. “One amazing gentleman let me use his leaf blower.”

Three Crowns Coffee is located at 941 North Detroit Street in Warsaw. Delivery, carry-out and dine-in options are all available, with outdoor seating as weather conditions allow. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and call 574-216-1655 for more info.

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