T.M. Huber – Author of His Own Destiny

For Local Independent Author T.M. Huber, Writing Is More Than a Career

Writer / Lois Tomaszewski
Photographer / Tony Straw

It is often said that everyone has a book to write. Author T.M. Huber of Winamac is proving that adage to be true.

The 2020 college graduate in creative writing has completed eight novels, two compilations of poetry and short stories, and is currently at work on his ninth novel.   T.M. Huber

“I wrote my first novel in 2019 while still in college,” Huber says. “I’ve almost written a book a year since then.”

That novel was “Epilos,” which Huber has recently rereleased with illustrations. Other novels include “The Dark House,” “The Devil’s Prospects,” a four-part book series called the “Odyssey of Jason Peterson,” and “The Connected.”

Some of his works fall under the science fiction genre and others are considered fantasy. Huber is open to experimenting with other genres. Writing is his day job. He works eight hours a day, five days a week. That discipline, he says, helps nurture his creative process. He cautions other authors and writers to not put so much pressure on daily efforts.

Writing is only one of the tasks to be completed in developing a novel. It’s a cycle, he says, of writing, revising and sketching that fills those eight-hour days.T.M. Huber

“Understand that not every day will have a huge payoff,” he says. “It could be a year before you see a finished project.”

When writing fantasy, Huber’s task is to build a world. That world could include a language, characters and other aspects of storytelling that are not based on anything known today. Some of his real-world experience also manifests in some of his work, like being familiar with his family’s business, Winamac Coil Spring, which found a place in his four-part series.

He also draws on personal experiences, such as missionary work with a deaf community in Jamaica. These real-life experiences help him create believable characters and connect with his readers – crafting everyday people who live in a fantasy world.

Inspiration can also come from multiple sources. A few of his stories came from ideas inspired by his dreams.

Huber was born and raised in Winamac, the third of seven children of Chad and Pam Huber.

“My parents were a huge support in this,” he says. “They trusted my decision.”

Huber was homeschooled and raised a Christian. His faith has played a key role in his life, so much so that he feels as if his chosen profession was God-led. Halfway through college, he was pulled to creative writing from his previous major in game design. “I wanted to tell stories,” he says.

Struggles can also figure into the creative process. For Huber, that struggle was epilepsy. “This has been an enormous struggle and inspiration through my writing,” he says. “I have a bit of a rare form – that’s what my neurologist tells me – and while the grand mal seizures are under control, there’s a lot of brain activity that saps my energy throughout the day. This gives me the additional challenge of prioritizing my time when my energy is up.”

Huber continues to monitor his situation and stays focused on the life balance he considers most important. That includes his faith.

“Christianity is a huge source of strength for me,” he says.T.M. Huber

Huber has a lot of control over the type of writing he can produce. He is an independent author, which means there are many responsibilities that go beyond simply writing novels, poems and short stories. This includes editing, marketing and graphic design

Huber’s books are available to order at tmhuber.com. Those interested in following his work can subscribe to his newsletter. He can be contacted at timothy.michael.huber@gmail.com, or at 574-242-2111.

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  1. Ben Cook says:

    Great article! I have read all of Tim’s books except The Connected and really enjoy reading them. The characters are very real to me. I would encourage any book readers to read his work. I look forward to his next book!

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