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“Thank you, but I don’t like tea…”

Wait, what? You don’t like tea? You mean you have tried over 1,000 teas and you don’t like any? You’ve tried them hot and you’ve tried them cold, and you don’t like a single one? Don’t you understand that there are an astonishing number of health benefits to this simple drink? This is a beverage for all generations. Tea can enhance your health and well-being.

types of tea

Not only is tea a phenomenal beverage, but you can also cook with it. How about adding it as a dry rub on your choice meat for the grill? Add some to your batter for your muffins or waffles. Tea also makes a great rinse for your hair. It can also soothe your skin. Come in to New Kitchen Store and browse through our teas. We will even brew a cup for you while you shop – just ask us.

Let’s take a look at different types of tea. White, green, oolong, black and pu-erh (such a fun word to say) – these all come from the camellia sinensis plant. The processing of the plants determine what type it will be. Included in the tea mix would be rooibos, matcha, chai and herbal teas.

Matcha is the whole leaf (minus stems and veins). It is then ground into powder form, making it rich in fiber and vitamins. Matcha can also enhance mood and aid in concentration.

Herbal tea includes herbs, spices and plants blended together for an herbal infusion – now that sounds like an exotic drink!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of tea.

Antioxidants in tea help protect brain cells and free radicals.

Polyphenols in green tea may improve bone quality. This tea provides the richest health benefits. It has polyphenols, flavonoids, vitamins E, C, A, B2, D – plus, it may help to reduce cholesterol by lowering blood lipids. Do your own research on this powerhouse. You will be amazed at the benefits it provides.

Polyphenols in black tea may help to inhibit bacteria growth in the mouth.

Matcha tea may help to fight cancer, improve digestion and help the skin. Matcha also contains anti-aging properties. It does contain caffeine, but you won’t come crashing down after you drink it, for it contains L-theanine and provides for a continuous

types of tea

energy boost throughout the day.

Tea will last for years if you store it properly. Store tea in a cool, dark place. Make sure it is sealed properly so it won’t absorb any odors.

* * *

Here are some fun and interesting facts on tea…

Grouchy? Drink chamomile and lavender.

Insomnia? Chamomile can help to bring you into slumber land.

Sore throat? Oolong or green tea can help to reduce inflammation (adding honey can increase the benefits and healing).

Stressed? Go for black tea. Add a touch of honey or lemon if you wish. The amino acid called L-theanine may help to induce a calmer, more relaxed feeling.

Spider/bug bite? Soak a tea bag in hot water and then apply it to the bite (do this a few times during the day). Tea contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You can also give this a try for poison ivy.

* * *

Now for a little tea etiquette…

Don’t let your teaspoon crash against your bone china cup and don’t leave your spoon in your cup – that is what your saucer is for. Make sure the spoon handle is in the same direction as your cup handle.

When you are done with your tea, place your spoon in your cup. If you are hoping for more, place your spoon on the right side of your saucer.

types of tea

No need to hold your pinky out – that is now considered to be snooty!

So how about a cup of tea? Drink it, eat it, beautify with it or soothe with it. Find all your tea and tea implements at New Kitchen Store, located at 330 Liberty Street in Walkerton. Call 574-586-2745 or visit newkitchenstore.com for more information.

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