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Solar Energy Systems Brings Renewable Energy to Northern Indiana

Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

It has built up 13 years of knowledge and expertise while serving area businesses, farms, homes, and RVs.

Simply put, solar energy is electric power that is generated when panels comprised of photovoltaic cells are installed on the roof of a building. When exposed to sunlight, the solar panels create an electric charge which is then collected and sent to an inverter. From there, the electricity is sent to an electric meter and on to a home or building. If a customer is off-grid, the electric charge is sent from the panels to a battery system and onto their inverter, which provides power to their home or designated structure.

When asked why people should care about solar energy and how it can benefit them, Andrew Staffelbach, head of marketing of a solar power company, says, “Clean energy is something everyone should care about.  Where you’re getting your power, how much you’re using, and the rising cost of it are all reasons why people need to care.  There are so many benefits — financial and environmental are the ones our customers care about the most.” If you are planning to utilize solar energy systems, you might want to visit the Nexamp homepage to learn more how community solar energy can help you and your community. Business owners who are planning to save on their utility costs may consult a commercial electrician to come up with a suitable strategy and determine if solar energy is ideal for your business.

A lot of its customers are on a budget, so when utility prices are unpredictable, it can be hard for people to adjust their budgets.

“By installing solar, they can confidently know what to expect every month when they get their bill,” Staffelbach says. “For large companies or even schools who use a lot of energy, their saving in 30 years makes it an easy decision to install it.  A small upfront investment now will lead to huge savings down the road.”

It is Solar Energy System’s goal to educate and facilitate their patrons’ experience every phase of the process. The first step is a free on-site visit to determine what system would be best to fit the unique needs of the customer. Once a contract is signed, Solar Energy Systems secures the correct permits needed. After installation, customers have the option of choosing online monitoring and warranties.

Staffelbach says, “We offer turnkey solar systems.  We design the systems in house, have our own installers, and handle all utility and county requirements.  Our sales representatives will come to your house or business, take the time to sit down with and discuss your needs.  Every system is custom and designed around what our customers need now and in the future.”

The initial investment in a system costs between $14,000 and $25,000 but with tax incentives, that can be lowered to $9,800 to $17,500. The system’s size depends on how much electricity a customer wants to offset with solar energy. Any extra electricity generated by the panels that a customer does not use is sent to the electric grid, usually generating a credit with the electric utility. If you are looking for other sources of energy you can take advantage of, see here this Diesel Generator Hire in Newcastle service.

As for the future of Solar Energy Systems, Staffelbach says, “We plan on continuing educating our community about the numerous benefits about solar.  In the past few years, solar of RV’s has really grown, so hopefully, we can continue to grow in that area too.”

Solar Energy Systems is located at 8015 W 1350 N in Nappanee. If you have questions or would like to get your solar panels installed, you can call them at 574-773-0546 or visit them online at sesindiana.com.

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