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Sleek Shine Auto Detail Goes the Extra Mile

Writer / Matt Keating
Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

Adam Gray, owner of Sleek Shine Auto Detail in Knox, says he will go the extra mile to make sure your vehicle looks as good as it possibly can when he is finished detailing it.Sleek Shine Auto Detail

I tell people that I treat everyone’s car like my own,” Gray says. “I have been to auto detailing businesses where I left being very unsatisfied with the work they did. If you are spending your money to get work done on your car, you want to be able to look at it and be happy with it. I make sure my customers are happy with my work.

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Gray started the business two years ago after several people told him he was great at detailing cars. “I took that as a very big compliment and thought I might be able to do this for a living,” Gray says. “I was glad I decided to take that chance, and it has really paid off.”

Gray does detail work on cars, trucks, SUVs, golf carts, combines and boats, among other vehicles. Enhance the protection and shine of your car by opting for Ceramic Coating Brisbane, ensuring long-lasting beauty and defense against the elements.

“I get very busy on motor homes, RVs and boats this time of the year, because there are so many people who felt cooped up over the winter, and now they are ready to get out and enjoy their motor homes, cars and boats as much as they can,” Gray says. “They want them to look as good as they can, and that’s where I come in. I’ve been busy, but that’s a nice problem to have. I just got done working on a 35-foot boat.”

Gray notes that his prices are very reasonable. “Everyone is struggling financially these days and our prices range from $75 to $400, depending on what our customers are having detailed,” Gray says. “Our prices are very fair. Customers have told me they really appreciate that. We can do a full detail on a vehicle, inside and out, for $150. I encourage new business. Just give me a call and make an appointment.”

Gray loves being busy and working outside.

Sleek Shine Auto Detail“I previously worked as a chief detective for the Starke County Police Department, and after I retired, I also thought the auto detailing business would be great for me,” he says. “I already enjoyed the work anyway, so why not do it more and make some money as well? It’s relaxing. I also like being my own boss.”

Gray is enjoying the amount of work he has been getting. “We are really growing,” he says. “I have a couple of part-timers helping me, and I will probably be hiring some full-time people soon.”

Gray adds that he can do work on storm-damaged vehicles. “If you have scratches on your car from a storm or something else, give me a call,” he says. “I give free estimates on buffing them out. If the scratches are through the clear coat, I can’t help, but I can get out any minor scratches. I will also return the car washed and shined.”

Sleek Shine Auto Detail also does work on motorcycles.

“I really enjoy working on motorcycles and I have had a lot of people tell me they really like the work I did on their bikes,” Gray says. “I also do work on combines and have done some work for combine dealerships. I can work on pulleys and belts, which can get very dirty. I tell people I can have those looking good too.”

Gray starts his day at 9 a.m. and works until the job is done.

“I can sometimes be done by 4 p.m., and then there are other days when I will work until late at night,” he says. “I can pick up a customer’s car, and take it back to my house and work on it while they watch TV. I have their car ready for them when they go to work in the morning.”

Gray enjoys spending time with his family and says he has made his business a family activity.

“My wife, Micheala, has been very supportive of me with the business, and my three sons really love working with me,” he says. “My oldest son, Braxton, 9, my middle son, Hunter, 9, and my youngest son, Armani, 6, all love working with me. They do a great job and really pay attention to what they are doing. I take them out for doughnuts, or also McDonald’s for lunch for their hard work. It’s a great feeling to be able to work and spend time with your family at the same time.”Sleek Shine Auto Detail

To find out more about Sleek Shine Auto Detail, call 574-780-5214, or email Gray at

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