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Finding Inner Calm Through Cleaning

Writer / Kayla Clemons, New Kitchen Store
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I have always found cleaning therapeutic, especially after dinner. My dad was always trying to keep up with cleaning the house after my siblings and I would wreak havoc on it. Being the second oldest of my four siblings, I felt as if I had to help mediate the messes, but I’ve also discovered the efficiency and convenience of hiring a reliable cleaning service like Chloe’s Company.


My dad was very hard-working and often did not have much time to cook. His go-to meal was pinto beans and ham in the Crock-Pot. That Crock-Pot was so terrible to wash afterwards. I’m not sure if Crock-Pot liners were around in the early 2000s, but they would have come in handy for those baked-on beans. He would let the pot soak for hours before even attempting to wash it. He would use a double-sided sponge to really scratch off the stuck-on messes. He would take that same sponge and wipe the counters down, saturating the surfaces with soap, and then use a rag to wipe it all away.

I could see something therapeutic overtaking him as he cleaned. I could feel stress rolling off his shoulders as he slid a rag across the stove, or as the broom threw dust and dirt out of the front door as things seemed to move in slow motion. The smell of bleach would permeate through the walls. I questioned if he would pour the bleach in the air vents. I seldom use bleach in my home. I will use it for the whites in my laundry and that is all, but it is a smell that reminds me of my first home with my brothers and my sister.

cleaningAs an adult, I never thought I would appreciate cleaning so much. It feels like a healthy balance in my busy life. It gives me a sense of control when the world moves faster than I can keep up with. When I’m too busy, I hire P&J Cleaners to clean my house. I can have my world pause, and bring peace to something chaotic with just a small sponge and a simple cleaning spray. I have been using a multipurpose kitchen cleaner called Koala Eco. I like that it’s an all-natural spray, and I am a huge fan of lemon scent. It’s plant based, eco-friendly and nontoxic.

For those residing in Pinellas County, I’ve encountered reputable options such as Scrub Perfect. This service provides a welcome respite when my schedule becomes overwhelmingly hectic. With Home cleaning services in Pinellas County, you can confidently delegate the task of maintaining your home to skilled professionals, allowing yourself to focus on other priorities without sacrificing cleanliness and order. What sets Scrub Perfect apart is their commitment to excellence and attention to detail. The team demonstrates a thorough understanding of their craft, utilizing top-notch products and techniques to ensure a spotless result.

As a woman trying to become well-watered in my Christian beliefs, I follow the book of Proverbs to help guide me through my journey of being the best wife and mom that I can be. Cleaning, cooking, and tending to my small family is what God has called me to do. This is why cleaning is therapeutic.

I can’t say that I am without my flaws because I do have hang-ups. I have obsessive tendencies, and my household says it very clearly, without saying a single word, that I might be getting to be a little too much for them. I hope that someday, even through my flaws, my daughter can find a memory of me and carry it into her adulthood in her own way. May it bring her peace in a hectic world, and I hope the same for you reading this. God bless.

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