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Reichart Animal Damage Control – Bourbon

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Local Resident Finds Post-Retirement Satisfaction With Animal Removal Business

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Byron Reichart, owner of Reichart Animal Damage Control in Bourbon, Indiana, loves what he does for a living.

“I really like talking to my customers and finding out what their specific needs are when they have to get rid of pesky animals like moles and muskrats,” Reichart says. “I like hearing a person’s voice over the phone, and finding out what their specific problem is. I can tell by the sound of a customer’s voice how big their animal pest problem is and what needs to be done.” If you need help with small pests and animal control, look no more and hire Pest Control Houston, Texas | Top Exterminator for Rodents!.

Reichart can catch everything from coyotes and raccoons to moles, muskrats and groundhogs. So if you need services like Raccoon removal, you know who to call.

“It’s really important to focus on the importance of trapping moles and muskrats as soon as the ice melts off the lakes and the ground thaws, to prevent property damage,” he says. “Raccoons can also really mess up a beautiful lawn, which can be dealt by pest control green bay. The muskrats, or as I like to call them, rats, can really cause a lot of damage to a beautiful lakefront home.”

Reichart notes that moles can also damage homes and businesses. Aside from moles, birds can cause serious problems. Fortunately, sites such as have noteworthy repellents.

Reichart Animal Damage Control

“The interesting thing about moles is that they stay below the frost line in the winter, but when the warm weather comes around they are ready to cause trouble,” he says. “Moles like to eat grubs and soil organisms. They really like the earthworms. They also like to build their tunnels, and undermine soil and harm roots.”

Moles also like to dig a series of living chambers and connect their tunnels, according to Reichart.

“They connect their tunnels to run just about 2’ below the surface,” he said. “They push their excavated dirt to the surface in mole mounds. After that, they plug the holes. They can get a yard and home messed up quickly.”

Reichart says pesky animals such as moles should be taken care of quickly.

“You can have about two to four moles per acre,” Reichart says. “For every half acre it’s two moles, and one mole per quarter mile. It’s better to take on the problem as early as possible. Moles can also really travel around and travel very far. They like to migrate to lakefront properties where they can get into a house and still be near the water.”

Business is booming for Reichart’s company.

Reichart Animal Damage Control

“I think I’m on the verge of something really big in this area,” Reichart says. “It’s been really busy for me because there are so many lakefront properties. The animals want to be around water. Moles can dig 100’ every 24 hours. I’ve done a lot of research and I set up a lot of traps. I have a great liquid mole bait, and a mole trap that I use to get the job done. I like chasing moles. It keeps me busy and I like that.”

Reichart is retired from his job as a dairy farm inspector for the state of Indiana. He worked for the state for 32 years.

“I worked for the northern Indiana Board of Animal Health,” Reichart says. “I knew I wanted to start a mom-and-pop business with my wife Maureen. She works with me and she does a great job.”

Reichart says he and Maureen have been married for 54 years.

“She’s a retired registered nurse,” he says. “We met a long time ago when I was a private in the U.S. Army and she was a nurse. We get along just great.”

Reichart says he enjoys his work schedule.

“I work from 9 a.m. to noon every day,” he says. “I know how to work fast to catch the animals. I work in my workshop in the afternoon. I kick back at night and watch DVDs, and have myself a nice ice-cold beer. I live a good life.”

For more info on Reichart Animal Damage Control, call 574-342-2385.

Reichart Animal Damage Control

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