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Embrace Tradition by Crafting Distinctive Recipe Cards

Writer / Abby Renz
Photography Provided 

recipe cardsWe all have a favorite recipe, whether it be grandma’s famous snickerdoodles with the perfect amount of cinnamon, dads prized barbecue sauce for slathering on rib meat that falls right off of the bone, or the secret ingredient to a prize-winning chili at the state fair that you look forward to every year. 

Now, where would you keep those treasured instructions? One might keep the simple, go-to, mundane recipes on their tablet or laptop, but what about great-grandmas pie recipes? We surely wouldnt have those floating around aimlessly through cloud-based software, now would we? And a hurried scrawl on a legal pad doesnt quite do it justice either. Why dont we truly honor these precious recipes by writing them on recipe cards, or even creating a recipe book to be enjoyed for generations to come?

I have recipe cards for sharing with friends and family, and as an artist I have enjoyed watercoloring my very favorite go-to recipes, meticulously writing all of the instructions and ingredients. There is something to be said about handwritten recipe books and cards, a lost art form in an era of digital screens when the beauty of cursive has been largely forgotten.

Recipe cards are what each individual makes them. You can have basic instructions written in perfect script, include drawings that articulate every ingredient, or even have loved ones write out their recipes as gifts to exchange and keep. As a generation of people always typing on and scrolling through screens, it is important not to forget our roots, and embrace a beloved and beautiful tradition. If you are really artsy, try using labels and creative calligraphy or sketches (hey, a stick figure works too).

Parents can enjoy involving their little (and not so little) ones by making recipe cards that are easy to read for the kiddos to enjoy and learn.

recipe cardsHere at New Kitchen Store we can help you reclaim this beloved tradition to suit your needs and home. We have a large assortment of loose recipe cards, boxes both decorative and natural, and many binders. If you already have recipe cards or pages from loved ones, keep them safe from splatters in our clear plastic sleeves. Our recipe cards and books all have varying designs and fonts to suit any kitchen and style. Want something sleek and perfect for a natural kitchen look? We have it. Want farm kitchen or floral designs? We have those too, all from familiar companies such as RSVP, Lang, Fox Run and more.

We also carry rolling-pin-shaped recipe card holders for a touch of whimsy, and a folding cookbook bookstand from Joseph Joseph that is both functional and practical.

While you are making your recipe cards and/or recipe book complete, you can peruse our vast selection of spices from around the world, including whole hazelnuts and real vanilla beans from Madagascar and Vain Foods. We also have a large selection of cookbooks that make great gifts and are perfect for anyone who loves to cook.

We are always eager to help you make your kitchen, and taste buds, happy today.

New Kitchen Store is located at 330 Liberty Street in Walkerton. For more info, call 574-586-2745 or visit newkitchenstore.com.

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