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Pro Glo Skincare Aims for Beauty Through and Through

Writer / Julie Yates
Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

Pro Glo Skincare reflects Owner Chloe Boor’s passion for beauty and wellness from the inside out. After a short stint living and working in Colorado, Boor recently came home again to Indiana. She brought back up-to-date knowledge and renewed excitement. Her goal for Pro Glo Skincare is to make each client feel special, relaxed and cared for.Pro Glo Skincare

Boor started her career as a makeup artist, but soon trained to be an esthetician. Estheticians are skin-care therapists and facial specialists who clean, beautify and maintain the face and skin. In addition, Boor is also an educator who works at Indiana Wellness College, a nationally accredited institution that offers not only an esthetics program, but also sports and medical massage training.

“At 16 I was doing my friends’ makeup for prom and other special events,” Boor says. “When I trained to get my makeup artist license, I realized I loved it all. I opened up to the industry as a whole.”

As an alumnus, Boor became a member of the instructional staff at Summit Salon Academy in Anderson. Then, in 2021 she moved to Denver where she was a full-time educator at the Aveda Institute. She also worked in a local salon as an esthetician. Her experience there made a huge impact.

“I stumbled upon Alchemy Face Bar, and it reignited my passion for being hands-on and not just teaching,” she says. “The environment let clients’ worries fall to the side as they relaxed. I learned about different modalities and methods. It made me a better teacher. I saw the industry booming. Everyone has a different flair, focus and vision of what they want to come to fruition. I realized I could curate an experience for my clients the way I wanted.”

After returning to Indiana, Boor secured her current esthetics teaching position. She opened Pro Glo Skincare at the end of February after finding the site for her new business on Facebook. The building had formerly been used for cold storage. A few other salon professionals were already renting spaces, including one of Boor’s former students.

“I grew up in Kokomo and really didn’t know too much about Rochester until my mom moved here eight years ago to be on the lake,” she says. “She has built a community of friends who are good people. They are so kind, welcoming, and have always Pro Glo Skincaresupported me as my career evolved.”

The salon’s menu of services offers a full range of skin-care options, from a basic, 30-minute cleansing facial for $45 to a $95 one-hour signature facial customized to meet specific client needs. Both include exfoliation, treatment mask and dermal layering. Chemical peels and dermaplaning are also available. Other offerings include waxing from small areas such as armpits to full body. Brazilian and bikini waxing are included.

“Clients can realize their goals for perfect brows and eyelashes,” Boor says. “I do lash tinting and lifting. The lifting is like a gentle perm for an eyelash. It molds it into a curl.”

“One of my favorite treatments is facial cupping,” she continues. “It’s a process where a small silicon device that is a skin-safe, smooth-edged suction cup glides over the face. It pulls up and almost seems to turn wrinkles inside out. It has a smoothing effect and refines the skin, giving it a glow as a result of increased circulation.”

Boor explains that facial massages are an important part of the esthetician industry. Facials have a plumping effect, and restore collagen as well as elasticity by increasing circulation. Skin cells need oxygen to reproduce and thrive. Lymphatic drainage needs to be stimulated to eliminate puffiness and swelling.

“Skin wellness starts from the inside out at any age,” Boor says. “For younger skin that is prone to acne, people should pay attention to what they are putting into their body. Are they eating processed food or a lot of sugar? Skin is an organ and the largest one we have.”

“After COVID, there has been a shift to clean beauty,” she adds. “When people were trapped inside, there was more time to focus on skin. The beauty industry has stepped away from glamour and more toward fresh and clean, including a holistic aspect of wellness.”

Boor shares that the most important step people can take for their skin in the summer is to find a good sunscreen specifically made for faces. Pores on the face are different in size and structure than those of the body. She cautions that sunscreen should be mineral based, not chemical based, in order to be non-comedogenic so as not to clog the pores.

“I teach three days a week and I’m in the studio two or three days a week,” Boor says. “I enjoy both. I love my students’ appreciation of beauty and the desire to connect with people. My goal as an independent esthetician is to offer genuine care that enables my clients to feel great about themselves.”Pro Glo Skincare

Pro Glo Skincare is located at 416 East 9th Street in Rochester. For more info, call 574-601-1735 or go to Also view them on Facebook and Instagram.

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