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Precision Tree Removal Has Earned a Strong Local Reputation

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Omer Schlabach, owner of Precision Tree Removal in Middlebury, says he is always up for a challenge. Precision Tree Removal

“I’m always interested in broadening my horizons and taking on any tree removal job that comes my way,” Schlabach says. “I look forward to the next job and I just jump right in.”

Schlabach adds that no job is too big or too challenging.

“I have been fortunate to be able to keep getting better at what I do,” he says. “When I started the business without a name about eight years ago or so, I wanted to learn as much as I could.”

Schlabach also enjoyed working with trees.

“I love the outdoors and camping, and I absolutely love the work I do, so it hit me that I could be doing this as a business,” he says. “I started doing some tree cutting and telling more people about the quality work that I do. We were officially established as a premier tree service in 2020.”

Schlabach notes that he can do any type of tree work.

“We are a residential tree removal business and we can take on more complex tree removals,” he says. “We also really specialize and offer all kinds of tree service.”

Tree trimming is just one of the services Precision Tree Removal offers.

“We can also provide tree stump removal and tree stump grinding,” Schlabach says. “We can also clean up a residential yard or tree area after a storm, with our excellent storm debris cleanup and storm debris removal. We do an outstanding job of land clearing.”

Precision Tree RemovalSchlabach loves the fact that he can work all year round to help his customers.

“In the late fall and early winter it’s the best time to trim your trees,” he says. “Winter is also great for logging. In the spring and summer and during dry weather, a tree trimming expert like the ones at Binghamton tree maintenance service can really get into yards and get to work trimming trees. We can get a lot of work done during each season of the year and the work comes in at a nice, steady pace.”

However, in Georgia, particularly in cities like Marietta, the demand for tree removal services fluctuates with the seasons much like anywhere else. Local tree removal experts understand the importance of timing, much like their counterparts elsewhere. Fall and winter remain optimal for tree removal, as the foliage is minimal, making it easier to assess the tree’s condition and plan for its safe removal. However, obtaining a local tree removal permit is crucial before any tree removal activity, ensuring compliance with city ordinances and regulations. This step is particularly important in areas like Marietta, where adherence to such regulations is stringent, aiming to preserve the city’s greenery while ensuring public safety and environmental conservation.

Schlabach has completed jobs from 45 minutes to an hour away, and doesn’t mind the distance.

“We even provide service to some customers in Portage, Michigan,” he says. “We have been to a lot of places in northern Indiana including Middlebury, Elkhart, South Bend, LaGrange, etcetera.”

Schlabach is thrilled that so many of his customers have been pleased with his work and have given him five-star ratings.

“Two of my customers, Richard and Karen Jones, told me they were very happy with the tree removal we had done on their property,” Schlabach says. “We removed 15 or so trees from their property. They said we were fast, on time and very knowledgeable about how to do tree removal in a tight space. They said we were amazing, and very impressed. They said they would be using us again.”

Another customer, Steven K. Heffner, had Precision Tree Removal remove a huge tree that was 3’ in diameter and more than 50’ tall.

“Steven was happy we were able to take it down in one morning and cut it into split-level pieces for his kids to use for firewood,” Schlabach says. “Once his kids got the wood out, we ground the stump out. He said we did a great job and left his yard in great shape.”

Schlabach enjoys working with his son, Jaylen, 15.

“I love having Jaylen helping me and working with me,” he says. “He does a great job and he enjoys being with me. He is learning a lot about working in a business as well.”

Schlabach has nothing but high praise for Middlebury.

“I really love this town and the nice people who live here,” he says. “It’s also a great place to have a family and there are a lot of wonderful places to shop. The traffic is also good and it’s peaceful here.” Precision Tree Removal

“A great way to get a quote or contact me is to call or text me at 574-238-5671,” he says. “I will do a high-quality job. My motto is, ‘Your property’s protection equals our perfection.’”

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