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Family-Owned Pawn Shop Is a Plymouth Staple

Writer & Photographer / Ashley Miller

Grandpa Ben “The Legend” Firebaugh and his wife Pearl were married for 50 years. They started a pawn shop chain in Michigan City, Indiana almost 40 years ago after selling jewelry.

Today he is retired, but he has left a family legacy that keeps on growing. P&N Pawn Shop is currently owned by his grandson Chris Firebaugh, and Chris’s mom, Sue. Pearl and Nancy Hodges (Sue’s Mom), who have both passed due to cancer, are memorialized in the shop’s name.

The pawn shop business runs in this family’s blood. The current owners, Chris & Sue, both grew up in the family businesses.

Sue recalls her son Chris at three years old helping Nancy in Cal’s Pawn Shop in Forrest City, Arkansas. His first task was running the loan tags to the back and “testing” out the original Nintendo games whenever they would come through the door. Chris fondly remembered one special gift.

“I received my first dirt bike from that shop,” he says.

Years later, Chris also started his own pawn shop brand in Knox, Indiana, but sold it six years ago when he convinced his mom to sell her restaurant and co-own P&N after his grandpa’s retirement.

This full-service pawn shop hosts their own jeweler, which is Chris’s wife Casey, and coin specialist “Too Tall” Jon. They are also a firearms and gold and silver dealer. They sell video games, movies, electronics, tools, music equipment and much more.

“The opportunity we receive to serve our community and getting to know everyone who walks through the front door is a real treat,” Chris says.

Each person has a story, and every piece that arrives through the shop is also intriguing. P&N Pawn proudly displays a rare newspaper that prematurely claimed Dewey’s victory over Truman. Truman was the actual winner, so all the misprints were supposed to be destroyed, but P&N have a genuine copy that survived.

This local business has had a number of celebrities that have come through as well. Back in 2013, Les and Seth Gold of the Hardcore Pawn Series came to Plymouth to raise awareness and funds for the community.

“They stopped in at P&N and spent four hours answering questions on item values, signing autographs and meeting fans,” Chris says.

“Speedo” is another famous face, who is local to the Plymouth community. He starred in American Pickers on Episode 183 titled, “Full Speedo Ahead.” He regularly visits the shop and is an avid picker. At 89 years old, he is most famous in this town for his Christmas photos. He is a great character with a wealth of knowledge which benefits the shop greatly.

P&N Pawn Shop is a family-owned wonderful place to visit in the community of Plymouth, Indiana. They strive to grow and enjoy every unique treasure that comes through their door. They provide quick cash for anyone. If there is a need for $20 or even a present worth thousands for someone special, P&N Pawn is the place to go.

P&N Pawn Shop is located at 1842 W Jefferson St. in Plymouth. You can visit them online at pnpawnshop.com or give them a call at 574-540-2155 for more information.

1 Comment

Christopher Jackson
November 10, 2021 at 9:23 am

Love the friendly people at P&N Pawn

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