Home Gardening Can Produce a Host of Benefits

Writer / By Abby Renz
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As a child, I despised weeding the garden. It was hot, dirty, and often had lots of bugs and spiders. It seemed like a never-ending task, fighting against nature, weeds and roots constantly. Then once the soil was clear and fertilized, and seeds planted, it felt like forever before anything happened.garden

As a little girl I can recall wondering why my grandmother was watering dirt. I couldn’t see what was happening. I couldn’t see the growth. But underneath the ground that little seed was growing, eventually bursting from the soil and sprouting into a seedling with a few leaves and a stem. That seedling seems so delicate, so fragile. Sometimes she would tie small stakes around it to keep it upright, or use wires to keep animals away. Then after some time, with water and sunlight that seedling blossoms and can become a flower, or maybe distinct fruits and vegetables begin to appear, as if from magic. As a child, this was hard to grasp at the time – that something so small and seemingly insignificant could grow into something so extraordinary.

As an adult, I can still marvel at the miracle of gardening and planting seeds, and while I don’t enjoy weeding, it doesn’t bother me as much as it did when I was a child (except for the spiders, of course). I play music, wear my overalls, and enjoy the sunshine and the beauty of nature.

It has also become a wonderful way for me to spend time with my grandmother and continue learning from her, while helping her to still enjoy having a garden and share the harvest until I have a garden of my own. I have found, through becoming an adult, that many previously dreaded tasks aren’t as bad as I remembered them. I used to drag my feet, ever the sassy teen, not gardenwanting to weed and plant and roast in the sun for the summer. Now, I voluntarily go to my grandmother’s place on my day off to help with her garden, with a smile on my face, happy to play in the dirt. Not only can I appreciate the labor that goes into gardening, but I can also enjoy the harvest when cooking for my own family and the memories I make with my grandmother.

Too often we spend our summers indoors, in front of air conditioning and a screen, and miss out on the beauty of the outside world. Yes, it does get hot in Indiana. It can be miserable. But it is what you make it, and if you choose to make the most of where you live, you can enjoy it and find fulfillment in making your environment more desirable. Add flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, set up bird feeders, make a little reading nook with a bench, or add a pond.

Not only does planting your own garden benefit your health, but it also saves money from buying produce at stores. To be honest, such produce isn’t always the best, and with harmful ingredients and pesticides added, it can become a real scare for families trying to keep their children healthy. Speaking of which, children can benefit from helping to plant seeds and care for them, understanding where some of their food comes from, and having a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Whether you have a small garden with only a few flowers and herbs or a large garden with crops, you are taking charge of your health and what goes into your land and into your body. Here at New Kitchen Store, not only can you order seeds, but you can also find the perfect items for your kitchen to make your house feel like home.

New Kitchen Store is located at 330 Liberty Street in Walkerton. For more info, call 574-586-2745 or visitgarden newkitchenstore.com.

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