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The Pooch Pairing Process Is a Pleasure at Perfect Match Poodles

Writer / Amy Lant-Wenger
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Companionship and connection are long considered to be essential elements of life.Perfect Match Poodles

And for many families, that feeling is captured through the inclusion of pets, and the formation of a lasting bond of loyalty and love.

Gabe Helmuth and his wife, Joyce, are well-versed in this philosophy, as they have become enchanted with dogs themselves. They have taken that fondness and respect and parlayed it into a home-based business known as Perfect Match Poodles, as they strive to help others find a four-legged friend to call their own.

Located near Etna Green, the Perfect Match Poodles enterprise came about when the Helmuths first became enamored of dogs prior to their marriage in 2018, when they became the owners of a pair of goldendoodles. Gabe Helmuth had previously built upon a wealth of experience and history in caring for Morgan horses, which he had primarily raised for show.

“I really liked to study the pedigrees of horses, so I thought I could do the same with dogs,” he recalls. After developing a fascination with poodles along the way, the couple chose to forge ahead with specializing in breeding and adoption. “We really enjoyed it and we decided to just do it,” Helmuth says.

So what was the allure of poodles? “Their personality and their intelligence – they’re almost human in their level of intelligence,” Helmuth says. “They’re very beautiful, very elegant, and they’re also hypoallergenic and non-shedding.” This makes poodles an option for families who would love to own a dog, but have health issues with allergies.

The types of poodles offered include miniatures and standards, featuring colorings and markings from red to apricot to parti. The latter is a term used to describe a poodle that has a ratio of white patches against additional shades. The dogs are very well-tended Perfect Match Poodlesand nurtured through a meticulous regimen of care, feeding, and attentiveness to their overall health and well-being.

For instance, the puppies are given ample space to frolic and socialize with one another. Helmuth describes it as “play yard with lots of slides, chutes and activities for all of the dogs, including activities that exercise their minds as well.” They welcome and encourage prospective dog owners to visit and witness this interaction for themselves, to help them find the right pet.

Additionally, the adult dogs will undergo a series of health screenings for any genetic issues related to their hearts, knees and vision. According to Helmuth, an adult poodle in ideal condition can potentially live a long life of 12 to 15 years. The Helmuths also ensure that their puppies are weaned before they are adopted, which means a minimum of eight weeks of age and a weight of two pounds. Perfect Match Poodles also offers grooming services.

At any given time, and in any season of the year, Helmuth says they have puppies “on the ground or on the way.” With a dozen adults in the Perfect Match Poodles family, that translates to a whole lot of babies.

“We’ve actually had litters that are spoken for before they’re even born,” Helmuth says. “Winter is actually one of our busiest times because people spend more time indoors, so they’re more likely to be searching for a dog.”

The relationships that the Helmuths create with their new pup parents does not end beyond the adoption of the dogs. The business is a Purdue University sponsored and endorsed Canine Care Certified establishment – a distinction bestowed upon those who practice elevated standards of animal care. Among the stringent requirements that the businesses must meet are exemplary annual inspections. “It’s considered the gold standard and it raises the level of trust,” Helmuth says.

The Helmuths are eager and optimistic for another banner year, and they are open and accommodating to folks who wish to learn more about Perfect Match Poodles. “Most of my goals have been met, but we would love to have more people know about us locally,” Helmuth says. “People can stop by. We’re very transparent.”

To set up an appointment to visit Perfect Match Poodles, call or text the Helmuths at 574-842-1076. Their business is located at 8811 North State Road 19 in Etna Green.Perfect Match Poodles

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