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Papa Farm Pizza Dishes Out Homegrown Flavor

Writer / Mike Dikos
Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

The first thing that hits you when you walk through the door is the warming aroma of something good coming from the kitchen. This is how customers are greeted upon entering Papa Farm Pizza, where there is an abundance of good things to satisfy the palate.Papa Farm Pizza

Owner Julie Dessalier, along with her husband and two sons, make sure you get the best they have to offer from their family-run restaurant. It was named with some help from their grandchildren, along with the family-run farm, which plays a huge role in the process used for food preparation. Grass-fed beef, pork and poultry are used throughout the menu. Eggs and tomatoes, basic kitchen staples, are harvested along with herbs such as basil and oregano.

“Fresh does make a difference,” Dessalier says. “All meats are cooked and all vegetables are cut.”

Perusing the menu, one has a wide variety of flavor and freshness to choose from. The list of fare is comprised of appetizers, sandwiches and, of course, pizza. When enjoying an evening out, there is usually a craving to nibble on a little something before the entrée is served. Jalapeño poppers filled with cream cheese, and deep-fried cheddar cheese curds, are a just few of the appetizers.

Dipping sauces such as ranch and blue cheese make for the perfect accompaniment. Peppers and cheese – who can refuse that combination? Iconic classics of the sandwich world, Italian beef and chicken Parmesan, are just two of the selections one can make from Papa Farm’s menu – seasoned beef au jus and peppers, or tender chicken, sauce and cheese. Made with the freshest ingredients and served alongside hand-cut fries, the choice between these two legends can be truly difficult.

The foundation for any pizza is the crust. At Papa Farm, the dough is hand tossed, thus creating the perfect base. One of the most requested variants is the Diablo. Just as the name implies, it carries a bit of heat. Whether you’re neck-deep into that novel that has you in the middle of the desert without an oasis in sight, or you are glued to a movie that has you standing at the gates of the underworld surrounded by flames, the Diablo can put you into a comparable state. This flaming masterpiece is created by combining a spicy sausage with the heat of habanero, jalapeño and crushed red peppers, along with a house hot sauce. If you’ve ever had the desire to run off and join the circus to become a fire eater, then this one’s for you.

Papa Farm PizzaAnother tasty pie is the Pig Apple. With traditionalists ready to resort to fisticuffs over the audacity of using ham and pineapple as toppings for a pizza, when they are combined with a flavorful sauce, olive oil and mozzarella cheese, the result is quite rewarding.

When famished, herbivores can also curb their hunger. The delectable Veggie Marinara comes topped with fresh herbs, garlic and vegetables. The result is homegrown goodness that satisfies all the taste buds. In addition to traditional, deep-dish and stuffed pizzas are available. When warmer temperatures prevail, Papa Farm uses a wood-fired oven to produce their culinary marvels.

Papa’s wings are also popular. Baking the wings to caramelize the sauce produces a flavor that makes them quite unique. With a variety of sauces to choose from, an order of Papa’s wings is a meal in itself. Also, if you so desire, a salad bar is available on Fridays and Saturdays, stocked with the freshest items available.

For those patrons who desire a cold one with their meal, a selection of beer is available, both bottled and draft. Popular brands such as Yuengling and Angry Orchard are available on draft, and Miller Lite and Coors Light are available in bottles. In addition, Coke and Barq’s are just some of the soft drinks that you can choose from. A customer loyalty program is also offered. Repeat patrons are rewarded with points used toward discounts, to show Papa’s appreciation.

When the big game is finally over, and you and your clan are starving and parched, a trip to Papa Farm would be well worth it. A phone call in advance can make sure accommodations are available. When the need arises, Papa can come to you. Equipped with a wood-fired oven, a pizza trailer is able to bring sandwiches and pizza to your special event.

To get your catering needs in order, give them a call or just stop by. Delivery via DoorDash is also an option for those times when you just can’t leave the house. The freshest ingredients, along with the touch of homemade care, make Papa Farm Pizza worth a try. Find out more at and on their Facebook page. They are located at 10 North Main Street in downtown Knox, and can be reached at 574-772-5888. Papa Farm Pizza

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