Taylor Jones, the visionary owner driving NexGen's mission to protect businesses across northern Indiana. (Photos by Tony Straw)

NexGen Digital Solutions Does Security and IT Service Right

Imagine being startled awake by a blaring alarm or an urgent call from law enforcement, only to find yet another false alarm or evidence of a break-in at your business. Perhaps your office internet or phone system decides to play hide-and-seek again during your busiest hours. These scenarios are the last thing anyone wants to tackle alone. Luckily, NexGen Digital Solutions is here to lend a hand.

Specializing in surveillance, security, information technology (IT), key-card access and many other technical systems, NexGen Digital Solutions is your trusted ally in times of crisis. Leading the charge is Taylor Jones, the visionary owner driving NexGen’s mission to protect businesses across northern Indiana. With a focus on providing top-tier commercial and residential security and IT solutions, Taylor and his team offer peace of mind in today’s ever-evolving technological landscape.

Jones brings to NexGen a variety of experience including time as a pilot, as well as experience selling office equipment and working in the automotive industry. As a happy accident, Jones transitioned to IT and security in 2020. After learning about a local dental office in need of comprehensive tech help, NexGen Digital Solutions was born.

A customized approach to each customer is how Jones describes his business model, providing customers with strategic solutions for security cameras and alarms, computer networks, phone systems, key-card access and much more.

“We take all of these systems and make them work together as a business’s one-stop shop,” Jones says. “Security and IT are not only a critical and often-overlooked measure for businesses, but 90% of the time we are saving the businesses a significant amount of money in the long run.”

For one such business, switching to NexGen’s systems resulted in a savings of over $50,000 over just three years.

NexGen conducts an analysis to determine where they can implement more robust, reliable and cost-effective technology. Phones, internet, security systems, structured cabling and fiber optics are just some of the areas NexGen improves. For example, they can route and manage phone systems remotely over the internet, potentially saving a business $300 to $400 or more per month compared to a local telephone provider. Jones boasts that once a service request comes in, a 48-hour turnaround is typical. He keeps things simple. “It’s excellent service for an excellent price,” he says. “This hits home with customers. Sometimes our initial price may be higher compared to similar providers, but the efficiency and cost savings over time results in the most value and the best experience.”

NexGen Digital serves both businesses and homeowners, creating a disruptive approach to IT and security by combining all services with a single provider. “We strive to make the complicated less of a headache,” Jones says. “When IT works the way it’s supposed to every time, that’s a win.”

The majority of customers come to NexGen with a singular need, and then discover other areas that might require attention or an update. Jones describes a common scenario of “visiting a business to address a security camera issue, only to find an internet router hanging from the ceiling by a twisted cable, and discovering that nobody can use their cell phones in the back of the office because the Wi-Fi isn’t strong enough.”

NexGen is what Jones describes as a “low-voltage company,” delivering streamlined solutions for more efficient IT operations and stronger security. He proudly claims that a large portion of his customers are small, family-owned businesses. The issues these business owners face are issues they’d rather not deal with until it hinders their business, and then they decide it’s time to call someone. Once NexGen installs the right system, they are typically able to manage it remotely. This saves everyone the added expense and interruption of an on-site service visit, unless it’s required. In the case of businesses with multiple locations, having the ability to manage remotely comes as a huge benefit by saving everyone the travel time and expense.

The variety of customers that NexGen serves is a testament to the personalized approach Jones takes. “When I think about our customers, I’m both grateful and shocked at the great need for security and IT system improvements,” he says. NexGen’s clients range from vet clinics to auction houses, massage parlors to property managers, municipalities to apartment complexes, and health and retail shops.

Unlike many businesses facing supply issues in recent years, Jones says he has faced no shortage of supplies. This is fortunate, since 60 to 70% of NexGen’s new business is based on referrals from happy customers.

Other than strategic marketing in The Lakes Magazine, NexGen benefits from word-of-mouth marketing. Jones does some job posting on Facebook, and he is always looking for qualified technicians who are dedicated to doing excellent work.

“There are a lot of other IT providers like NexGen, and unfortunately not all of them stay the course with the changing needs of your business,” Jones says. “We are local and we won’t disappear on you when you need us the most.”

NexGen is strategically focused on Indiana, allowing Jones to maintain personal service.

“We specialize in service, support and cost savings,” he says. “We are a local provider that is there for the home or business.”

NexGen Digital is centrally located in Plymouth, allowing for fast and convenient service to all of northern Indiana. To inquire about services or get a quote, contact Jones or his team at 574-341-4444. Also visit nexgendigital.solutions.

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