Olivia and Ashlyn Feller (photo by Kari Lipscomb)

Nappanee Sisters Launch Abideaway Vacation Rental Design

Beautiful. It’s a word that seemingly eludes a succinct definition.

For some, it’s a vision, it’s a feeling, or it’s a movement – something that’s been immortalized in everything from music to movies.

Welcome to Abideaway, a partnership of Olivia and Ashlyn Feller, sisters who are both artists. Together, they have discovered a unique niche through which to channel their energies and gifts.

Abideaway assists clients in the most vibrant and vital ways to maximize their vacation rental properties. They create a collaboration with customers who are embarking on new hospitality ventures, most notably the fast-rising short-term rental market. Through careful consideration and consultation, the pair will offer suggestions on interior design and staging, customized murals, and enhancing their marketing profile. The services also extend to social media platforms and advertising, with slogans, logos, upscale photography and websites.

Each brings a full slate of skills to the union, all of which are designed to complement one another.

Olivia is a Purdue graduate, specializing in marketing, interior design and entrepreneurship. Her breezy personality manifests perfectly with her fondness for traveling, and her expeditions have helped her become more attuned to the accents and touches of hospitality that set a destination apart.

Ashlyn is about to embark on her senior year of college in South Carolina, has an adventurous streak and embodies a free spirit, which suits her well in her affinity for painting, designing murals and creating logos.

Together they work to create connections with their prospective clients, allowing themselves to linger over the accommodations, taking in the appeal of the place and honing in on the styles and wishes of the owners. As the Fellers both explain, the full Abideaway experience is always an option, but there are endless possibilities and options for those who would like, as Olivia Feller says, the “à la carte” approach.

Abideaways Master Bedroom design

They understand how that method has its advantages. “It’s been very interesting to see how we’ve had a lot more experience doing things very piecemeal,” Feller says. “It makes things more personal, very custom designed. We’ve had really happy clients and we’ve been doing a lot of networking.”

That being said, the sisters are always willing to explore beyond the familiar northern Indiana tier and the southern Michigan territories that they’ve previously worked with. “Remote projects are always a possibility, and we’re actually looking to work on a project in South Carolina this year,” Feller notes.

That mission that will coincide with the completion of Ashlyn’s studies. They have both kept themselves quite busy perfecting their abilities in various freelance endeavors. Recently, Ashlyn created a stunning mural in downtown Wakarusa, and Olivia is a frequent writer as well.

Mural depicting Wakarusa as a quaint little town with woman standing in front of it
Ashlyn Feller’s mural in downtown Wakarusa

Yet it’s Abideaway that truly lights their souls. “That’s where our passion is,” Feller says. “We’re always looking for ways to get our faces in front of someone, to have a real conversation, to build that trust. We want to create something that we’d be proud to put our names on.”

Something beautiful, for sure.

To learn more, visit abideaway.com. They can also be reached via email at sisters@abideaway.com.

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