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Local Ambulance Service Is a Trusted Transport For Loved Ones

Photography Provided

Med One Mobile, in Knox, had been a long time coming prior to their opening four years ago. When owner Greg Wireman’s father fell down the stairs at home, the family waited hours for a transport to another hospital. Wireman started planning then.

“We were waiting for hours, and I started thinking and putting my own plan together, [asking myself] is this something I want to do? How do I do it?” Wireman recalls. “So five or six years go by, and I’m working at another job that I am not enjoying. I wanted to do something different.”

So, he did. He bought his first truck and began the process of getting it approved as an ambulance. He was still worried about the things that came with running his own company, though. But then, Wireman saw a video that changed his life.

Wireman watched Steve Harvey talking to the audience after a filming of Family Feud. Harvey was speaking about people finding and using their gifts. It inspired Greg to jumpstart his own company.

“I’m sitting here listening to this, and he’s saying that if you don’t do this, you’re going to watch your life go by,” Wireman says. “This was four years ago, and so I got started.”

Since opening, Med One Mobile, otherwise known as MOM, has gained a reputation in the area for its phenomenal patient care. The crews approach each patient with the mindset that they are “the most precious cargo you can have.”

To make rides more comfortable for patients, MOM’s ambulances provide Wifi, as well as television. Parents or a family member are almost always allowed to ride along in the back, too.

“When we put these people inside an ambulance, and they’re staring out the back window and have 150 miles to go, they’ve got trouble on their minds,” Wireman explains. “You need to let them calm down or relax a little bit.”

The level of care that MOM provides extends far beyond just its patients. They are a business that is always ready to help people whenever they can. From donating school supplies, to food drives, to first aid and EMS training, Wireman and his crew are constantly working to give back to the community. They enjoy helping out the booster clubs, supporting the band and the football team.

Med One Mobile is certainly focused on helping as many people as they can. Patients should not have to worry about finding rides to treatments or how to pay for ambulance rides. Wireman and his team work hard to provide the highest quality of care for their patients, and that includes lightening the mental weight so many patients and families carry when someone is in need of medical care. They treat their patients like family. After all, like Wireman says, “Nobody takes better care of you than MOM.”

You can visit Med One Mobile’s website at med1mobile.com or give them a call at 574-249-8123 for more information. They are located at 305 Hamilton Drive in Knox.

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