Lakeside Chevrolet is All About Customer Satisfaction

Photographer / Tim Hare

Lakeside Chevrolet, a 175-car lot in northern Warsaw, has served several notable individuals from across the nation.

Lakeside Chevrolet

“We’ve had professional basketball players come in to have their vans worked on,” says General Sales Manager Michael Kuhn. “Ben Higgins from ‘The Bachelor’ flew into the airport behind the store, and we loaned him an Explorer van for the day so that he could cruise around while he was on the show.”

The five-star business is known around town for providing friendly and excellent service.

“Customer service to me means that they’re going to come back,” Kuhn says. “It’s not selling the customer one car, it’s knowing that if we take care of them right on their very first car, then we’ll end up selling them seven or eight cars. Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen multiple customers buy multiple vehicles.”

As a lifelong Chevy fan, Kuhn has been working his dream job at the business for the last nine years.

“When I took this job, the biggest enticing part of the job was Chevrolet,” he says. “My dad was always a big Chevy guy, and my grandpa was too. Growing up, I’ve owned probably 60 Chevrolets. I love them. The product is great.”

Working for a locally owned company is a huge plus, too.

“It’s not owned by some big company out of town,” Kuhn says. “It’s literally from a local guy. It’s always been local – locally owned, locally operated. There’s a good quality product at a good price.”

One of the goals of the Lakeside Chevrolet team is to give back to the community, especially to the Warsaw Community High School Tigers basketball team. They also go the extra mile to help deserving individuals – customers in particular – when the opportunity arrives. They often do this by engaging in seemingly small opportunities that have a big impact.

“There are a lot of little things that we do throughout the year – any way we can help,” Kuhn says.

One way the staff does this is by giving discounts to local heroes including educators, first responders and members of the military. A similar discount is available for college students.

“There are so many different discounts that we can offer,” Kuhn says. “It’s not something Lakeside does, it’s something that Chevrolet does. We put [the discounts] on our website because we want everyone to know up front that we’re trying to get them the best deal possible.”

The dealership offers a variety of makes and models.

“We have everything in stock, and we can get anything too,” Kuhn says.

Everyone at Lakeside Chevrolet tries to go beyond the call of duty when it comes to taking care of customers, whether it’s Vice President of Operations Chad Probst, Owner Tom Schilling, or anyone else on the team.

Lakeside Chevrolet

“We want to make Warsaw happy and provide good customer service,” Kuhn says. “We’re pretty well known in the area for the condition of our vehicles.”

Safety is their first priority. Before any car goes up for sale, it gets a 172-point inspection onsite. Anything that doesn’t pass gets sent to auction.

“The reconditioning of our used vehicles can be pretty strict, but our customers like that,” Kuhn says. “They like coming onto the lot knowing they won’t look at a car that maybe isn’t in the condition they were expecting.”

Each car is kept as clean as it is safe.

“All of our used vehicles get sanitized,” Kuhn says. “Also, we install Pulse. It’s a pulsating rear brake light that’s just a safety light. It’s to prevent rear collisions.”

From the moment someone walks onto the lot, the sales team is eager to help them find exactly what they’re looking for.

“Their main goal is to get the hot spots – what the customer is wanting,” Kuhn says. “If it’s safety, if it’s performance, if it’s convenience, if it’s luxury, we’re tailoring it to whatever the customer wants.”

Lakeside Chevrolet

Customers can also buy a car from the comfort of their own living room. On the company’s website, a customer can find a car, customize terms and get their credit application approved.

“We have what’s called ‘Shop, Click, Drive,’” Kuhn says. “They just e-sign and we can deliver the car right to their house.”

One of the Lakeside Chevrolet team’s goals is to keep customers happy and safe, even after they drive off the lot. One way they do this is by offering automobiles warranty with good coverage.

The team is also willing to take anything as a trade-in.

“The weirdest thing I think we’ve ever taken as a trade-in was a picnic table,” Kuhn says. “If anyone is shopping for a car and they have anything to trade, we’ll take it. We’ll work with them.”

The services offered at the business range from typical oil changes and tire replacement to specialty services. In the collision center, walk-ins are welcome.

“We do free estimates in the collision center any time,” Kuhn says. “No appointment is needed – just come right over.”

Kuhn’s primary objective is to treat each person who walks onto the lot as though they are the company’s most valuable customer. Meeting a client in town always gives him great satisfaction.

“That’s pretty awesome,” he says. “I know they’re in a safe, reliable vehicle.”

Lakeside Chevrolet is located at 427 Chevy Way in Warsaw. View their local lender options or shop online at To speak to a salesperson, call 574- 306-0495. Schedule an appointment to get your vehicle serviced by calling 574-306-0504.

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