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Kingsmen Concrete Owner Talks Nearly 17 Years of Success In Culver

Photographer  /  Jubilee Edgell

Travis King truly is a King of Concrete. He started working in the concrete business when he was a teenager, and he has been at it ever since. Throughout the years, King has worked for various companies, but nearly 17 years ago he opened up his own concrete business — Kingsmen Concrete.

“I’ve been in the concrete business total now for 24 years,” he says. “I was about 15 years old [when I started], and I needed a job. My dad had a background in construction work. I went to one of the local contractors in the area and he gave me a job.”

Today, King notes, he works with Kyle Thomas. Thomas was the first person to hire King almost 25 years ago. Now, he works as a foreman for Kingsmen Concrete. With 15 employees, the company has more than 50 years of experience in working with concrete between King and Thomas alone.

King compares his employees to a team and to a family. They adopt the attitude that they work together. They are not there to slave away under a boss. Instead, the boss is right beside them, working just as hard. King makes sure that he is there to work on or supervise every single pour Kingsmen Concrete does.

“I physically do the work myself also,” he says. “I am always on the job. There’s never been a job that I have charged someone for where I haven’t been there to oversee and make sure that something’s being done,” he says.

By having such a big team, King explains, they are able to do bigger jobs, in addition to helping out other companies in the area.

“One of the biggest things is that I don’t have competitors,” King says. “I view other companies as colleagues, if they choose to be. If other concrete contractors don’t have the manpower when they’re in big projects, [we help them]. For me, that’s a really good feeling. When someone in the same business calls me and asks me for help, that’s a good feeling.”

His helping others doesn’t stop with other companies. King feels that giving back to the community through donations is extremely important. Once a year, a few weeks before Christmas, the company holds a barbecue to help raise money to buy presents for underprivileged children. Beyond that, they try to donate as much as they can every year while working on projects.

“We love to give back to the community — donating as much material as I can, to people who wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford something nicer,” King adds.

They recently donated black and orange concrete to represent Culver Community Junior and Senior High School’s school colors to cover about half a mile of sidewalk.

If you would like to set up a consultation with Kingsmen Concrete, you can give them a call at 574-216-0354. You can also visit them at 19625 Queen Rd. in Culver. They serve a vast majority of areas from Northern Kentucky to Western Illinois to Michigan.

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July 12, 2019 at 3:52 pm


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