Kasten’s Dog Training is located at 57185 Jefferson Pkwy, Bristol, IN 46507.

Kasten’s Dog Training Helps Dogs Live Their Best Lives

Steve Kasten, owner of Kasten’s Dog Training, says that after spending several years in the corporate world, he was ready to take on a new challenge. He opened his own business and hasn’t regretted his decision.

“I founded the business in March 2006,” Kasten said. “We are a family-run business that was founded to become a pet dog training company. After 18 years in the corporate world as a director of operations, I felt the need to take a leap of faith and start my own business. I began Contain-A-Pet by Kasten’s Dog Training, Inc., installing electronic pet fencing.”

Kasten realized he wanted to focus most of his energy on dog training, addressing dogs who would benefit from behavior modification due to fearful, shy, timid or aggressive behavior.

“I went to a nationally renowned school for dog trainers to enhance my knowledge of dogs and their behaviors,” he said. “There, I received certification for obedience and behavior modification.”

In April 2016, Kasten opened a new training center and boarding facility.

“After 11 years of selling, installing and servicing electronic pet fencing, and with much thought and prayer, I felt a strong need for my presence at our new facility,” Kasten said. “I relinquished the dealership in 2017. I wanted to concentrate on training, behavioral modification and boarding. I also wanted to concentrate on continuing education for myself and the staff so that we could breathe life into each dog. That is our motto: ‘Breathing life into your dog.’”

It’s a dog training and boarding facility that offers training programs via residency, private lessons, group lessons and train-and-go lessons.

“We board dogs for families who are traveling, completing home renovations, having surgery, or whatever reason for which they need support with caring for their dog,” Kasten said. “We also offer puppy preschool and residency puppy training. We use marker training – a compassionate, balanced and fair method of dog training. Dogs learn quickly with this training method. It is like clicker training, except you can simply use your voice instead of carrying a clicker with you. When you use your voice, your dog will be focused on you and your commands. They are visual learners and they are selfish by nature. We must learn to communicate at their level, not ours.”

Kasten said they offer group classes for dogs over 18 weeks, and puppy preschool on Monday nights for puppies eight to 17 weeks old.

Steve Kasten, owner of Kasten’s Dog Training.

Kasten’s also has residency programs. “The residency programs are ideal for people going on vacations or long weekends, busy lifestyles, families with small children, etcetera – or who are just uncomfortable in the training process,” Kasten said. “Based on the owner’s goals, we will train your dog, provide training videos, pictures, a phone pre-training call, follow-up lessons, and Barks Passes. All training equipment is included. Plus, we are a phone call away for assistance. Of course, we can train your dog to perform for us, but our specialty lies in the ability to transfer these skills to you and your family members.”

Kasten’s also offers boarding services.

“We board dogs 18 weeks and older at a standard daily rate,” Kasten said. “Puppies eight to 17 weeks are given additional attention to work on potty training and socialization, and can be boarded at a puppy rate. We encourage families who need to board their puppy to consider our All-Star puppy program, either an eight-day or 16-day residency where we work on all things puppy.”

Kasten said he enjoys working with his Puppy Preschool, residency dog training programs, and Barks & Recreation program.

Kasten believes one of the best aspects of owning a dog is learning from it.

“They are very forgiving,” he said. “They greet you when you come home and provide plenty of joy. These are all qualities we should be practicing with our four-legged friends, family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. After working with dogs professionally for over 18 years, I have learned patience is the greatest gift dogs have given me. The calmer I am and the more respectful I am, the better the dog can be.”

Kasten’s Dog Training has become a household name when it comes to discussions related to dog behaviors, training and boarding, in Elkhart County and beyond.

“We have had owners come from Fort Wayne, Chicago, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan and Indianapolis,” Kasten said. “We have trained puppies whose owners need support and bring their puppy to us, as well as owners who want a puppy that has been through our All-Star Program coming directly from the breeder, prior to going home with mom and dad. I have a heart to help dogs who are shy, timid, fearful and anxious, or have aggression concerns. I want them to live their best life through training and desensitization that builds confidence.”

For more info on Kasten’s Dog Training, go to kastensdogtraining.com, call 574-522-7050, or email sales@kastensdogtraining.com.

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