Jag’s Country Delights Offers High Quality Tomatoes

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Jeff and Amy Jagnecki, co-owners of Jag’s Country Delights, 10241 King Road, Plymouth, Indiana, say their business started out as an enjoyable hobby that has served them well.Jag’s Country Delights

“We started saving seeds some 20 years ago, and started our own plants,” Jeff Jagnecki says. “In the saving seeds effort, I discovered a tomato called a Trophy Tomato.  I grew it, and when I tried my first bite of the first tomato from this plant, I was blown away with its flavor and have never grown a hybrid tomato since.”

The Jagneckis love for fresh vegetables eventually led them to share their plants.

“We always ended up with more plants than what we needed from all of our starts, so we would give them to our family and friends,” he says. “Our family and friends loved how our plants turned out and kept encouraging us to start selling them to the general public. So, after using a makeshift display stand and a simple sign at the end of the road, we started to sell our plants. One thing led to another, and we found that we had to go legit.”

So, they created Jag’s Country Delights.

“We started with one greenhouse, and we built a second one at the end of last year,” Jeff says. “We are currently pursuing the idea of some added means and methods that will allow us to venture into the organic produce market. This will help us serve our community with not only quality plants, but also quality fresh produce.”

Amy Jagnecki says their greenhouse set up is simple.

“The original greenhouse will be used to house all the pepper plants,” Amy says. “I’m already calling it ‘The Pepper Hut’ since we have built the new one. It is intended for our abundant overflow of heirloom vegetable plants that we offer in the spring.”

Jeff added that they can now house their 42+ varieties of heirloom tomato plants along with other heirloom veggie plants to protect them from a late freeze and hard frost.

“We finally took down our temporary structure that aided in winning our continuing fight with mother nature,” Jeff says.

Jag’s Country Delights does not currently offer much in other plants and does not offer flowers.“We may offer sweet potato slips, strawberry starts and onion starts and other bare root stocks when available,” Jeff says. “We do, however, offer up a large variety of garden seeds such as green beans, multiple squash, dry pole and bush beans, ornamental corn, lettuce, radish and so on.”

Jag’s Country DelightsThe heirloom vegetable plants at Jag’s Country Delights

“We are proud to say that we offer up probably the largest and widest range of heirloom vegetable plants in the region,” Jeff says. “We have over 42 varieties of tomatoes and pepper plants among many varieties of other heirloom plants including the seeds. We have tomatoes from the size of currents to beef steak. The German pink is my favorite BLT making tomato!”

Jag’s also offers a wide range of peppers from the super sweet to the peppers that Jeff says, “will melt the face of your skull.”

He added that he’s kidding.

“We actually have warning signs up for them,” Jeff says. “We have the so-called world’s hottest pepper called the ‘Carolina Reaper,’ but we also have the ‘Dragons Breath Pepper.’  Amy really does an awesome job of researching and selecting new varieties of heirloom vegetable from different regions of the United States, and including other countries throughout the world, that will work in our northern Indiana climate. It truly is amazing.”

Amy and Jeff tell all their customers to tell others that if they want to have a vegetable garden, to please tell them to come to Jag’s Country Delights.

“We also let them know where to go for other plants and flowers,” Amy says.

Jag’s Country Delights typically opens on Mother’s Day weekend and shuts down by Father’s Day.

“We are open during this period from 9 a.m., to 6 p.m., throughout the entire week,” Jeff says. “We put up simple black and white yard signs that we take down at the end of season to help signal that we are closed for the season. However, if our endeavors work out on the production of produce, we may have to consider other means of letting everyone know we will be open throughout the entire growing season.”

Jeff and Amy also offer gardening tips.

“While we are open, we don’t limit ourselves to just selling the products that we produce from the seed to the tomato plants we offer,” Jeff says. “We also offer gardening tips and advice from our experiences throughout the years. We do this so that others do not have to fail but succeed with their garden.”

Amy and Jeff have pointers regarding bad bugs and good bugs in a homeowner’s garden, along with some pest control ideas.

“We have found ourselves speaking with our customers for a long bit of time as if we are long lost friends,” Jeff says. “We usually have music going in the background, and maybe I have our smoker working on creating a great dinner, while I’m working our garden. Meanwhile, Amy is tending to our customers. I will at times go over what I’m planting, and why I’m planting it the way I am with customers. It’s like a mini tour of our one-acre garden.”Jag’s Country Delights

Check out Jag’s Country Delights, 10241 King Road, Plymouth, Indiana, to peruse everything they have to offer, or call (574) 540-3048, or check out their Facebook page.

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