Hometown Power Wash Makes All Things New Again Writer / Lois Tomaszewski Jesse Jordan and Nick Davis grew up in Knox. When it was time to choose a name for their service business, the choice was obvious – Hometown Power Wash, Inc.

“We grew up here together as kids,” Jordan says. “Now our kids are being raised up in this community too. This is the town that we want to give back to.”

The two friends, and now business partners, became acquainted because their parents were friends. They grew up, went to school together and maintained a friendship that continues. Both are behind the success of their business, which provides a service to homeowners and businesses in the region.

This is year two for Hometown Power Wash. The first year was focused on getting their name out.

“It started as a side business,” Jordan says. “Now it has taken off so much so that I am doing it full time.”

The company provides a service to homeowners and commercial clients by bringing power washing equipment, appropriate detergent and personal expertise to job sites. The company’s service area runs from Bass Lake and Valparaiso to Warsaw and Columbia City – anything within 75 to 90 miles from home, according to Jordan.

Power washing, which may be similar to that Pressure Washing in Minneapolis MN, is a method used to clean mildew, dirt and debris from exterior walls, decks, patios and other surfaces using a pressurized stream of water.

The method has been around for decades. In fact, Jordan worked with his uncle about 20 years ago doing what he is doing now.

“I liked the aspect of helping someone’s property look like what it was when it was new,” Jordan says. “With all the construction business out there, there was nothing in our area that covered cleaning homes like we are doing.”

Jordan says he still enjoys the satisfaction of restoring something that has been neglected, whether it is a home or a business. Recent commercial jobs included the exterior of a chain restaurant, a convenience store and gas station, and structures at a country club.

Hometown Power Wash is advantageous for property owners because of the quality of the cleaning, according to Jordan. The approach can save time and effort, because the cleaning does not have to be done as often.

New technology provides better options for clearing grime and debris from homes and businesses. New products help to limit damage and bring about a better result.

One of these industry improvements was the development of the soft wash system. This uses more cleaning products more effectively than simply using the powerful pressure of water, and Jordan says it is less damaging. For example, it eliminates the chance of blowing siding off of a structure or ruining a deck because of highly-pressurized water.

Jordan, Davis and their crew can determine which technique, which pieces of equipment, and the proper approach for each job. The heavy-duty machine used by the crew is more effective than non-commercial-grade washers.

“There is a lot of education that we had to do for ourselves to learn,” Jordan says. “The last thing we want to do is show up to a project and be ignorant and do some damage to the property.”

The crew can reach high places while standing on the ground, washing the peaks of houses and even a church bell tower without using ladders. This means there is little risk of damage to the building from using a ladder.

Power washing is also effective in cleaning graffiti, Jordan says. He took care of some cleanup at a local park this year. Jordan partnered with the mayor, suggesting a chemical that could remove the graffiti. He then donated his time to apply the chemical and power wash the vandalism away.

“That worked out really well,” he says.

Hometown Power Wash also provides deck restoration services. For this, the company can strip a finish, prepare it for resurfacing and stain it.

Additional services include gutter cleaning, vinyl fence washing, and concrete and patio cleaning.

Customer service is important to the business. Jordan says the company offers a one-year guarantee.

“We cover everything and if not, we come back and we pick up anything that we missed,” he says. “We want to be in this for the long haul. We want your business years from now. That is us holding up our end of the bargain.”

The only measure homeowners need to take before the Hometown Power Wash crew arrives is to remove any deck furniture or objects of sentimental value that could be damaged in the cleaning process.

Customers are charged by the square foot, and a $200 minimum charge applies.

For more information, call Hometown Power Wash, Inc. at 574-806-1540 or send an email to Jordan at jesse_jordan@yahoo.com.

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