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Homemade by Cindy Takes a Bite of Success in Bourbon

Writer / Matt Keating
Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

Cindy Fuller, owner of Homemade by Cindy, took her love of making sweet treats and turned it into a business she enjoys.

Homemade by Cindy

“I do all of my own work and sell my goods at The Standard, which is located at 210 North Main Street in Bourbon, Indiana,” Fuller says.

Fuller had a dream of one day having many people enjoy her baked goods. She considers herself lucky and fortunate to be able to work every day doing something she would be doing all of the time anyway. She is thrilled that she has come a long way since the business began, and glows when people tell her how much they love her delicious food.

“Homemade by Cindy started about five years ago in my home and moved into The Standard when they opened,” Fuller says. “I only sell my baked food at The Standard at this time.”

Fuller says she was encouraged by her family and friends to start Homemade by Cindy. They inspired her to make more of her cupcakes, pies and cookies for hundreds of other people to enjoy. She is very grateful for their kind and positive words.

“Homemade by Cindy started when I wanted to make homemade treats for my kids to bring to day care for their birthdays,” Fuller says. “My husband, Jordan, told me how tasty they were, and encouraged me to sell at our local farmers market. He is the most supportive husband and he has stayed up many a late Friday night to help me prepare for different farmers markets.”

The business took off from there, and has continued to grow.

“Some people initially asked if they could put in orders and it just kind of snowballed,” Fuller says. “Jordan’s parents, Jeff and Jayne Fuller, opened The Standard and things just got progressively busier, and I am loving it.”

The Standard, which also sells antiques, has been a popular place in Bourbon since it opened in February of 2015. The successful business is also well-known for its award-winning ice cream.

Fuller says she uses nothing but the absolute best when she makes her cupcakes, pies, cookies and other items.

Homemade by Cindy

“All my goodies are made from scratch and I only use real butter,” Fuller says.

Customers have their favorite treats and recommend them to family and friends. The positive word of mouth from loyal and returning customers has enabled Fuller to keep moving in the right direction, and she wants to make sure her popular items are on hand for her fans.

“The chocolate chip cookies and frosted sugar cookies are most definitely my bestsellers, especially around the holidays,” Fuller says. “The cherry pies and Dutch apple pies are also favorites.”

Fuller has her own favorite treats.

“My personal favorite things that I make are either the Nutella cupcakes or Reese’s cupcakes,” she says. “The Nutella cupcake is a chocolate cake with whipped Nutella frosting, drizzled with warm Nutella. The Reese’s cupcake is a chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling, frosted with chocolate buttercream and topped with chopped Reese’s cups. I have also made cake versions of them. I also love the peanut butter cookies because they were my late grandpa’s favorite. I have happy memories when I bake them.”

Other popular Homemade by Cindy treats sold at The Standard include blueberry pie, strawberry pie, turtle cheesecake cupcakes, triple chocolate cupcakes, peanut butter pie, coconut cream pie, cherry chip cupcakes, sugar cream pie and caramel cream pie.

Fuller’s treats have led to a strong and dedicated following in the Bourbon community.

“I also make custom birthday cakes and cupcakes,” Fuller says. “I was once asked to make a birthday cake featuring Halloween and zoo animals. That was a fun one to make. I ended up with some trick-or-treating zoo animals.”

Homemade by Cindy

Fuller notes that she is always looking for new customers that will enjoy all of the delicious baked goods from Homemade by Cindy.

Those interested in placing an order can call or text 574-780-4257, or go to facebook.com/homemadebycindy and send a message.

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