Local Holiday Events Feature Songs, Santa, Shows and More

Writer / Angela Cornell

Photography Provided

We know the Whos in Whoville liked Christmas a lot

And the Grinch tried to stop it, though his plans came to naught.

The tale is fantastic, full of holiday zeal,

But this year, I think, it is a little too real.

Not that we’re worried the Grinch will come Christmas Eve,

But that COVID will steal Christmas – “BOO-HOO!” we would grieve.

’Round here, in this Region, there are a few brave souls

Planning fun things, though mindful of wellness controls.

There’s no way to know which or how many may cancel;

But never mind that, here are some on the schedule.

Some local businesses will host their open house – 

With social distancing – no fears need to arouse.

Your Chamber of Commerce would know who, when and where,

A report they would be more than happy to share.

To learn all you could want and more, give them a call

Or check out ole Facebook to discover it all.

Capture the Christmas spirit with family photos

In Plymouth with Santa, then have popcorn and hot cocoas.

It’s on the 9th from noon ’til 3 at River Park Square.

Come with your kids to enjoy some holiday flair.

For more information about Marshall County Tourism’s holiday events, call Allison Shook at 574-936-7255 or go to visitmarshallcounty.org.

A couple places will host breakfast with Saint Nick

And welcome the public to enjoy his magic.

Like the Barns at Nappanee – it’s sure to be swell –

On December 12. Buy tickets before they sell!

Beyond Santa and food, there will be songs, games and fun, It will be a super morning, second to none!

Reserve your ticket for “Breakfast With Santa” on Dec. 12 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Barns at Nappanee, located at 1600 West Market Street, by calling 574-773-4188 or visiting thebarnsatnappanee.com.

Just like in the Seuss tale, Christmas songs are a must.

Blue Gate Restaurant in Shipshewana is a place to trust

To host great artists who will sing through the season. 

Plus, get a Blue Gate meal to eat while you listen!

Blue Gate Restaurant and Theatre is located at 105 East Middlebury Street in Shipshewana. View their full list of concerts at thebluegate.com, or call them at 888-447-4725.

The Wagon Wheel in Warsaw will be showing

“It’s a Wonderful Life,” but the theater’s staging

Will be set for old-fashioned radio drama!

Don’t miss this diversion from a different era,

With five talented actors playing all parts

To live radio sound effects, to round out the arts.

The Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts will present “It’s a Wonderful Life” December 4 through 20. To get more information, call 574-267-8041 or visit 


If you have never gone to a drive-through lights show,

Start a new tradition! This is the year to go!

Shipshewana’s Lights of Joy is more than a mile long.

With all those lovely light scenes, you just can’t go wrong.

They’re open all month, only 20 bucks per car,

At the Auction and Flea Market, it’s not that far

To celebrate the season the holiday through,

Whether you drive around it just once or a few!

The Shipshewana Lights of Joy is held at 345 South Van Buren Street from Dec. 1 through Jan. 2. Visit shipshewanalightsofjoy.com for more details.

Hensler Nursery, always a place of Christmas cheer,

Will host their yuletide events for families this year. 

There will be live pines and decor, wreaths and good eats. 

Visiting Hensler, like always, will be a treat!

They’re open daily until December 20,

So go with your family and a friend or three. 

Hensler Nursery is located at 5715 North 750 East in Hamlet. If you have any questions, call 574-867-4192 or visit henslernurseryindiana.com.

This year has been tough, but Christmas can still be grand

With yuletide charm, so let the thinking cap expand.

Enjoy these events, or find fun times of your own 

If these advent occasions have to be postponed.

It goes without saying, but I’ll tell you anyway,

Have fun and stay safe, and have a great holiday!

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