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A new store in Knox promises a shopping experience you won’t find at big-box stores, offering a welcome environment, personal service and a socially conscientious product line.

Mackenna Cavender opened her store, H & H Collection, in November, stocking the 800-square-foot shop with a variety of personal-care products. It is named after Cavender’s two daughters, 4-year-old Harper and 1-year-old Harlow. 

“They inspire every decision I make and my oldest loves to hear that the shop is named after her,” she says. 

H & H Collection is a women’s and children’s store, with care items associated with pregnancy, postpartum needs, and needs for babies, as Cavender describes it.

“We specialize in natural pregnancy care items, postpartum care and natural baby care items,” Cavender says. “I focus a lot on natural health care for mothers and babies. I love herbal remedies and have used them for years with better outcomes than any pharmaceutical or store-bought care items.”

Her product line includes natural and eco-friendly clothing and home supplies such as dryer balls, bamboo hair brushes and all-natural loofahs.

“I love to spread knowledge about natural health care and eco-friendly options,” Cavender says. “There’s always room for growth and I’m glad I am a part of that process for most people.”

H & H Collection

The shop is designed to appeal to what Cavender says are “conscientious consumers,” and is designed to reflect Cavender’s own social consciousness. 

“I hope one day conscientious businesses will be the normal, to create a more sustainable business world,” she says.

The store’s aesthetic is equally important. She wants the atmosphere to be welcoming, and a reflection of her philosophy and the products she sells.

“I love the boho, natural feel,” she says.

Beige, pink and gold, with a touch of natural greens, are the main colors. Music is always playing, creating a warm vibe for the customers who come to shop. This vibe encourages the customers to engage with Cavender, giving her the opportunity to get to know them on a personal basis.

Cavender attended Knox schools, lives here, has family in the area and operates two businesses here. 

“I went to Knox schools and from there I grew a connection with this small town,” she says. “All my closest friends and family live here so that brings that close connection.”

As someone who has experienced small-town life in rural Indiana, Cavender says she saw a need for more shopping opportunities for the community.

“The shopping market in Starke County is very slim,” she says. “To shop for anything besides groceries we have to drive 40-plus minutes to the closest mall. I want to not only grow a community I’ve lived in for years, but also the one my children will grow up in.”

The store is just one of the recent changes going on in the town she calls home.

“With the way schools, parks and businesses are expanding, I am excited to see how the town flourishes within the next couple of years,” she says. 

Cavender’s goal with the shop includes building friendships with her customers and other business owners, and focusing on community development.

H & H Collection

“I would love for all customers to feel welcomed and enjoy the space I created, on top of helping further educate on a sustainable future and ethically made items,” she says.

Cavender can offer quality products that fit into the environmentally friendly mindset of her intended market. It is a difficult option to find in large-scale stores.

“Small businesses are the exact opposite of big-box stores,” Cavender says. “Our prices might be a little higher, but quality items are your investment into the future. I am a full believer of buying the things you believe in. We don’t sell items, we give value. In my business, I support small businesses like mine who support vegan, biodegradable, natural, sustainable and ethically made products. I believe we are all a part of the solution in making the world a better place.” 

H & H Collection is located at 6 North Shield Street in Knox. For more information, call the store at 574-806-7071.

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