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Evergreen Log Sawing Has Established a Strong Local Reputation

Photography Provided

Tim Heatwole, co-owner of Evergreen Log Sawing in Milford, says he is inspired by his work every day.

“Every log and board I work with is different,” he says. “I love seeing how all of my work is unique, and what I will be doing each day. I can’t wait to get started.” 

Heatwole enjoys his work, and says he has felt that way since he and his father Allen started the business in 2015. 

“Before we started, we spent some time thinking about how we would run a place like this, and then we started looking into it more,” Heatwole says. “We both eventually decided we will try this, and make it work. It takes a lot of hard work, but it has been worth it.”

Heatwole says Evergreen Law Sawing has earned a strong reputation as a reliable business to work with throughout the last five years.

“We do a lot of custom sawing for our customers,” he says. “We also do kiln drying. It’s used in wood production mills. It brings lumber moisture levels down to a more workable range for work projects. Kilns control the humidity, temperature and the steam levels on wood for a while. It helps you dry the wood to the right moisture. Our customers like that for their work projects.” 

Heatwole says the business also offers lumber for sale. 

“Our shop isn’t big, but our specialty product is good lumber, especially for work projects and the cold weather heading our way this fall and winter,” he says.

Heatwole says he makes sure the logs at Evergreen Log Sawing are of high quality for customers.

“Some people buy them for furniture projects they are working on, and they like our logs,” he says. “We have logs that are ready to use. We also cut a lot of landscape timbers.” 

Heatwole says he likes seeing people return to his shop for their many work projects.

“We have quite a few repeat customers,” he says. “One of the other best parts of the job is meeting new people. I really enjoy that. Our customers have told us they have heard good things about us from their friends. A lot of people use our lumber. They know we have a high-quality product.” 

Heatwole also does cabinetry work, which he says he enjoys.

“I like being able to build something with my hands,” he says.

Heatwole also enjoys getting help from family members.

“My 10-year-old son Justin helps me with the wood chopping,” he says. “I run the wood loader, and he takes logs off of the wood piles and then brings them to me. 

Justin is a very good worker. He helps me all the time, and does a great job.” 

Heatwole says he is glad Evergreen Log Sawing is located near several lakes. 

“I get a lot of business from people working on their boats,” he says. “They like to use our wood for the trailer decks on their boats. There are so many people working on boats around here that we keep very busy providing them with wood. We can cut any project log that people bring us. We get a great variety of jobs, and I enjoy the different things I do. I love sawing, and I also love this area.”

Heatwole believes Milford is a great place to live and have a family.

“People here in Milford are so nice and friendly all the time,” he says. “It’s such a beautiful place, and you can really enjoy being outdoors here. It’s wide-open country. I also enjoy the change of seasons we have in Indiana. You can’t get that everywhere, and that is something to be really grateful for.” 

Heatwole says so far, his business has not been negatively impacted by coronavirus pandemic.

“I think a lot of people have been spending more time working on their boats and home work projects,” Heatwole says. “It’s helped us tremendously.”

Visit Evergreen Log Sawing at 72679 County Road 19 in Milford. For more information, call 574-536-9523.

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