New Retail Shop Opens in Plymouth

Photographer / Angela Cornell

Elephant’s Trunk is a new retail shop located west of Plymouth offering an incredible array of collectibles and antiques for treasure hunters and curiosity seekers.

However, the flow of the place is so seamless that customers might have a hard time determining where one vendor’s booth ends and another begins.

“Our image is upper-scale antiques and collectibles,” says owner Pam Rospopo. “We sell a little bit of everything hoping to please our customers, but it’s a nice everything. All my vendors have worked with me to achieve our goal of having an awesome look when you walk through the doors. We are all proud of the store and each of our booths.”

antiquesFor decades, Rospopo has enjoyed hunting for antiques and collectibles. In fact, the name of her business is a nod to one of her favorite markets in Connecticut.

Rospopo recalls the first time she visited the market.

“When we got there, I looked up and there’s a big sign saying Elephant’s Trunk,” she says. “That was the name of it. I said, ‘Oh that’s so neat! I love that name!’”

An avid collector and shopper, Rospopo has also served in roles on the other side of the counter. Thirty years ago she owned a small craft and gift shop in Argos, but sold it so she could devote more time to her young family. After many years, she decided to become a vendor at Boonee’s Primitives in downtown Plymouth.

When Boonee’s closed this spring, Rospopo began looking into options for opening a shop.

“I was thinking, ‘Well, I would like to open one,’ and I knew this building was empty,” she says. “I talked to the owner of this building and checked into renting it. It grew from there.”

Many of Boonee’s vendors, including the owner, now have a booth at Elephant’s Trunk.

antiques“That’s how we grew and got started,” Rospopo says. “We’re very happy with the response we’ve gotten from the public. It’s been a blessing, and something we hope continues to grow.”

One way that she is trying to spur growth is by hosting events. One such event is an anything-goes flea market in the parking lot, which happens on the first and third Sundays of each month through October 1.

Another event is an annual Fall Craft Bazaar, which is scheduled for September 25 and 26.

“Since we couldn’t enjoy the Blueberry Festival this year, we jokingly said among ourselves, ‘We’ll bring a little bit of Blueberry Festival to the area,’” Rospopo says. “We’re going to rent spaces to crafters outside – strictly crafters. We’re hoping to have a real good turnout and a lot of fun for everyone.”

At its heart, Elephant’s Trunk exists to fulfill – or perhaps fuel – a passion for the beautiful items sold there, and this is something that Rospopo and her vendors have in common.

“I’ve always loved antiques, especially glassware and furniture,” Rospopo says. “Everything here is something I’ve always had an interest in.”

Rospopo has created a family atmosphere with her vendors, and the shop would not be possible without her children and grandchildren – especially her daughter, Angie Lichtsinn.

“She works daily with me,” Rospopo says of her daughter. “If it wasn’t for her, I couldn’t do it alone.”

Rospopo’s entire family has remained steadfastly involved throughout the process.

“They’ve all supported me,” she says.antiques

Even her nine-year-old granddaughter has pledged her support, and comes in to help whenever she can.

“She told me once, ‘When you can’t do this anymore Maw-maw, I’m going to take over,’” Rospopo says.

The shop is a retirement project of sorts for Rospopo.

“It has definitely kept my mind very busy,” she says. “I’m up every day. It feels good to be out with the public again. We’ve met a lot of nice people. It’s just fun.”

Elephant’s Trunk is located at 15147 Lincoln Highway in Plymouth. Those interested in renting booth space at the store’s bi-monthly outdoor flea market or at the Fall Craft Bazaar can call 574-935-4490. For more info, visit

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