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E. H. Tractor Shop Specializes in All Manner of Repairs

Writer / Matt Keating 
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According to Jonathan Hochstetler, owner of E.H. Tractor Shop, if there is a tractor that needs to be fixed, he and his co-workers can take care of it. 

“We can fix anything that is big equipment,” he says. “We will take care of it for you so you don’t have to worry.” 

Hochstetler has built up the business with his father Elmer and his brother Perry.

E.H. Tractor Shop

“We mostly fix tractors, but we can also fix logging equipment that needs to be taken care of, and telehandlers,” he says. “We get a lot of customers that need these types of equipment fixed. We do a very good job on everything we work on.” 

E.H. Tractor Shop also fixes agricultural, construction and logging equipment.

“We also have some used equipment for sale,” Hochstetler says. “We also fix tractors and skip loaders. We have had customers who have needed that type of work done.” 

Hochstetler says they do many other types of repairs. 

“We can do engine overhauls, work on transmissions, and we also do electrical work,” he says. “We can do great work on new and used parts as well. I think being able to work on a lot of different types of equipment has really helped us out.” 

E.H. Tractor Shop does additional transmission work including tractor power shifts. 

E.H. Tractor Shop

“We work on the synchro and quad range,” Hochstetler says. 

E.H. Tractor Shop also works on clutches, tires and tracks. 

“We can work on rims of tires, of all sizes,” he says. “We can take care of all that and do high-quality work. We have been able to build our business by doing good work that people can count on.”

The business has built a reputation for excellence throughout the years.

“My father Elmer started the business in 1975, when he worked on his first engine,” Hochstetler says. “It’s been quite a while since we started, but we have had a lot of regular customers that have had us do work for them.” 

In 1995, E.H. Tractor Shop began focusing on bigger equipment. 

Hochstetler moved the business from LaGrange to Howe in 2018.

“We moved when I took over the business as owner from my dad,” he says. 

Hochstetler has enjoyed working with his regular customers.

E.H. Tractor Shop

“I like serving people and finding out what we can do to help them with their problems,” he says. “I like being able to help people get back to work on their farms or businesses. You want your farm equipment running smoothly, and we can really help you with that. It takes good repairs to keep from having problems later.” 

Hochstetler also enjoys being a valuable part of the Howe community.

“I really like the area,” he says. “It’s not overpopulated. There are a lot of very nice people and it’s great to be involved in all of that.” 

For more information on E.H. Tractor Shop, located at 2100 West 350 North in Howe, call 260-463-3314. 

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