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Owner Talks Success & Serving the Michiana Community

Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

At D&J Roofing and Construction, quality is of the utmost importance.

“We especially take pride in doing good work,” Co-owner Delbert Troyer says. “We’re not the fastest people, and we’re not the cheapest people. That’s not our goal. Our goal is to be the best. We pay attention to detail, and when we leave, it’ll be done right.”

Located between Bremen and Nappanee, D&J Roofing and Construction services its surrounding northern Indiana radius, specializing in premium roofing services as well as energy-efficient homes and post-frame construction. Founded by Delbert Troyer and John Borkholder in 2013, D&J provides customized solutions to fit customer needs, while ensuring customer satisfaction through constant communication.

When it comes to roofing, Troyer explains that D&J Roofing and Construction tends to focus on specialty projects.

“We do all types of roofing, but especially high end,” he says. “We do a lot of asphalt and all kinds of metal. We do stone-coated steel and steel shingle.”

In addition to roofing, D&J Roofing and Construction specializes in building new-energy homes. For those unfamiliar, zero-energy homes can be a great long-term investment, as all heating, cooling, lighting and appliances are powered by energy the house produces.

“These are post-frame homes, so they’re very strong,” Troyer says. “We actually put reflective insulation under the concrete, on the walls and under the roof, so that really helps with the heat – in the summertime especially.”

With new-energy homes, D&J tapes up everything on the outside of the structure to “really make it tight,” Troyer explains.

“A popular myth is that you can’t make your house too tight – people think you’ll have mold problems,” he says. “But I tell them, ‘No. We want it as tight as possible, and then we control the ventilation.’”

This approach ultimately keeps moisture from affecting insulation.

“We don’t want that wall to breathe on its own because then we’ve got hot and cold meeting in the wall cavity, which causes condensation,” Troyer says. “And if you have condensation in your insulation, its value basically goes away.”

When it comes to staffing, D&J Roofing and Construction carefully vets all potential employees.

“We do a DISC profile with them, and that tells us a little bit about their personality – that’s before we ever hire them,” Troyer says. “We make sure they know how to do the job right because we know our name is on the project.”

All in all, D&J Roofing and Construction enjoys serving the Michiana community.

“I definitely enjoy working in the area,” Troyer says. “We’ve had lots of good customers and good people to work with, with very few bad stories. It’s just a good area to be in.”

Contact D&J Roofing and Construction at 574-773-0494, and djroofingllc@gmail.com. For more info on services, visit DandJRoofingandConstruction.com.

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