Coffee: The All-Season Beverage

Coffee: The All-Season Beverage

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Coffee is the “All-Season” beverage. One can drink it hot, cold and even room temperature! But with winter fast approaching, INew Kitchen Store wanted to introduce you to a new product that we sell at New Kitchen Store. The Jura S8 machine. We have a model in the store that we can take orders for. You can come in to see the unit and try it out. (Hint, hint… a lovely gift for the holidays, just don’t forget to buy coffee beans online).

The Jura S8 machine can store your whole bean, grind them when you are ready for that steamy cup of goodness and brew it at a quick touch of a button. Have a few different favorite coffee creations? Think espressos, lattes, cappuccino … it can even run hot water to make your favorite tea or hot cocoa. With the Jura S8 machine, you can specifically program your favorite creations and again, with a single touch of a button, ta-da! Perfect concept for those of you who have to wake up at 4:00 a.m.!

This coffee system even has the ability to steam and froth milk! Perfect for those who want a dessert or for those who have a sweet tooth that no dentist can cure, but don’t want those calories or fat (you really don’t want to know the nutrition information on those drinks made at the specialty coffee houses). You can visit our website at to see the Jura S8 in action or stop by the store and enjoy a specialty cup. Or you may rent a coffee machine from a reliable service instead.

We do carry a wonderful premium style of whole been coffees, flavored and non-flavored. How about a cup of Salted Carmel, Vermont Maple, or Twisted Peppermint? (There goes that sweet tooth kicking in) We also have fun and functional accessories for your coffee needs. These range from filters to grinders, to “to-go” cups and coffee mugs. These are also fun gift ideas for the friend or co-worker who has everything … or if you really don’t know what to give to someone. At New Kitchen Store we will even take your items that you picked out for that special someone and gift wrap or place them in a basket at no extra charge.

New Kitchen StoreBesides our premium coffee line, we also carry the Black Rifle line of coffee. Black Rifle is a veteran-founded business that is operated by principled men and women who honor those who protect, defend and support our country and if you’re interested in selling coffee yourself getting a coffee cart hire Sydney could be a good choice to start your business as well. We carry whole bean and K-cups. At New Kitchen Store, coffee bean grinding is always free.

Fun Facts

  • A professional coffee taster is called a “cupper”
  • A person trained in the art of roasting is a “Roast Master”
  • Coffee is on the National list of the “Ten most recognizable odors”
  • The quality of coffee is measured by: Altitude grown, size and appearance
  • Decaf was invented in 1906
  • Coffee is a fruit
  • Coffee is number three of the top beverages.

All “fun” aside, coffee has some amazing health benefits. A 2011 Harvard study revealed the remarkable effect of coffee on depression. Based on the study, the risk of depression decreases as coffee (caffeine) is consumed. Coffee also helps to protect the liver and may reduce the risk of Parkinson’s Disease.

Coffee is rich in essential nutrients. One cup of your favorite coffee beverage can replenish your body with the following nutrients:  calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium

Caffeine is also a stimulant that increases brain activity. Likewise, it stimulates your nervous system by sending signals to your fat cells to break down body fat, which is converted into energy needed by the body. Wait … what?? Break down body fat!? I think I’ll go and get another cup!

Quick question, who likes going to the dentist? Well, great news here!  Strong black coffee can serve as an antibacterial and anti-carious to your pearly whites. Coffee can reduce the bad bacteria build-up in the oral microbiome, thanks to the strong antioxidants and polyphenols that coffee contains.

Did I mention we always have coffee brewed at the store? Stop in for a visit and try a sample cup of the day. You can find NewNew Kitchen Store Kitchen store located at 330 Liberty Street, Walkerton, Indiana or give us a call at  574-586-2745.




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