John B. Camden and his wife, Mary Beth Camden
John B. Camden and his wife, Mary Beth Camden [Photographer / Sarah Reynolds]

Camden Foundation Technologies Represents a 75-Year Success Story

Throughout four generations, the business that bears the name of the John T. Camden family has developed into a premier resource for foundation installation and repair, as well as bridge repair, with a special emphasis on historic landmarks.

Just over 75 years ago, back in 1948, John T. Camden was perfecting his skills in excavation work, and was soon joined by his son, John B., after fulfilling his service in the Army. The father-son partnership flourished successfully in fairly short order, and by 1963 the pair had completed work on a new bridge. John B.’s wife, Mary Beth, brought forth her commitment to the operation, and the enterprise continued to thrive.

John T. Camden serving in the Army in 1948.
John T. Camden serving in the Army in 1948.

Bernadene Camden Boggs, the daughter of John B. and Mary Beth, joined her parents in the business in 1988, and currently serves as the company president, articulating the daily practices of Camden Foundation Technologies since 2009. Drawing from a wellspring of inspiration from his ancestors, the latest generation of management is Phillip Camden, who has earned an engineering degree and is now commemorating his 20th anniversary with the family business.

This legacy of excellence is encompassed by the team’s expertise in structural foundation installation and repair work. They are also renowned for their dedication to restoring classic historical ironwork and steel bridges.

One of the methods used to establish solid and supportive foundations for new construction is called the Magnum helical foundation system. This technique differs from more conventional pile-driven foundations in that the piles are inserted into the ground through the use of a torque motor, while also featuring exclusive round shaft piers. This helps to provide more lateral strength and vertical stability for the piers. For a more traditional approach, driven piles can also be composed of wood, steel-shell, and H-pile installation as well.

Bernadene Camden Boggs, the daughter of John B. and Mary Beth, joined her parents in the business in 1988.
Bernadene Camden Boggs, the daughter of John B. and Mary Beth, joined her parents in the business in 1988.

When businesses or residences succumb to the phenomenon of settling and shifting, Camden can assist with leveling the structures through the use of their steel push piering system. By utilizing a series of hydraulic rams, three-foot sections of optimum-strength steel tubing are installed into the ground to reinforce the load-bearing weight, and to allow stabilization to remain secure. Once the desired level has been reached, a network of heavy-duty steel brackets will provide additional support.

The commitment to perfection and quality has never wavered over the years, as Phillip Camden notes, for in this particular line of business, being a repeat customer isn’t always what they strive for. “We have a good reputation in the work that we do,” Camden says. “We don’t want to have to come back. We want to do it once and be done.”

Among some of their noteworthy corporate customers include Biomet, the Warsaw Parks and Recreation Department, and Culver Academies. They have also been established at countless homes that border many of Kosciusko County’s 100-plus lakes. That sense of loyalty is keenly observed among their staff of eight employees, with two employees having stayed with the company for more than 25 years.

Another fascinating element to the Camden pedigree is the longtime mission they have participated in to restore Hoosier landmark bridges. These are projects that often take years to execute and complete, as they work closely with engineers and other historical advisors to ensure that whenever they are able, they can replicate the original look, even in instances when the hardware and other materials are slightly variant. It’s a very laborious but worthwhile process, according to Bernadene Boggs.

delphi bridge“The point is to keep things as historically accurate as possible,” Boggs says. “We work for as long as it takes to preserve that historic integrity.”

Typically, one bridge renovation requires months of precision marking, disassembly, repairs and, ultimately, restoration. More often than not, even the smallest parts require painstaking replication. However, it’s a truly rewarding endeavor, each and every time.

One of their more recent undertakings involved a wood-covered, steel-framed bridge near Noblesville, Indiana. The vintage walkway dates back to 1868 and took years to finish.

The Camden Foundation Technologies service area covers northeast Indiana, southern Michigan and northwest Ohio. For more details about their products and services, call 574-594-2497 or visit The business is located at 3972 East 400 South in Warsaw.

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