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The holidays have ended, and winter has set in, along with the dreaded cabin fever. The best way to get rid of those winter blues is to make your home a clean, comfortable oasis. But who wants to be trapped in a house that reeks of toxic fumes and chemicals from traditional cleaning products? Worry not, with the Full Circle bubble up scrubber and Stonewall Kitchen soaps, you can clean with peace of mind. These ecofriendly, natural ingredient products are safe for you and your family to use, just in time for Spring cleaning! Personally, when I do dishes I enjoy using natural materials that are ergonomic and don’t harm the environment. The natural walnut husk scrubbers help scrub with ease, all while being a good alternative to plastic cleaning products.

Play some music if it is just you and bring out your inner Rockstar, or make it a date night with your spouse to help make it fun. I also encourage the parents out there to involve your little ones to help you too. It can be difficult to clean when you have little ones, but involving them will teach them valuable skills and make the ‘chore’ not a chore at all! When I babysit my three-year-old nephew, I like to have him help me. First I fill one side of the sink with lukewarm water and plenty of dish soap, then I add some of his plastic dishes and even some water safe toys (bath toys work perfectly!).

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Then I use a safe chair for him to stand on, (I am next to him the entire time, I never leave him unattended), and then we begin. I wash the dishes on my side that need to be done, and he helps me by washing his own. This is also a fun sensory activity that is productive and teaches independence and practical life skills. My nephew loves to do this as not only do we get to do something together, but we get to have fun with the bubbles. We call it our ‘Bubble Party”.

As a tip, I usually take a plastic or metal colander to help him ‘make’ more bubbles by agitating the water like a washer drum. I usually tell him when it’s time to wrap up that the water is ‘charging’ or ‘sleeping’ so our hands don’t get too pruney. This of course is after I have finished the dishes and have allowed him plenty of time to play. Then when we are all done, there is usually some water on the floor, (it is likely to happen with a toddler doing dishes), and we mop it together. I model how to use the mop, and let him take it from there. This itself is another fun activity that parents, and grandparents can involve their kiddos with, and not worry about harsh ingredients or toxic perfumes.

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Plus, children absolutely love wiping down surfaces! Especially toddlers, modeling this behavior will help keep a clean house, all while teaching a valuable lesson and chasing away the boredom. Parents can use the ecofriendly products as a lesson for the older kids as well, and explain how plastic does not decompose and sits in landfills and natural ingredients and materials are better to use all around. As an aspiring teacher, fun aunt, and wife who strives to have a ‘green home’ I always feel more at ease knowing that I am supporting products that are good for my family, my home, and the Earth. I hope that this article is helpful and inspires you to do the same a have a “Bubble Party” with your loved ones.

Aritcle provided by New Kitchen Store of Walkerton.

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