Bone Boss Outdoors owner Dalton Tunis. (Photographer by Sarah Reynolds)

Bone Boss Outdoors Provides Land Management Programs and Handcrafted Game Calls

Looking out across the field of tall grass, the smell of pines and fresh coffee help to awaken you. The sun starts to peer over the horizon in the distance. Through the cool, crisp morning air, the call of a common loon, or perhaps the cry of a red-tailed hawk, can be heard. Taking in the sights and sounds all around, you allow this setting to engulf you with its beauty and wonders. You enter into a world different than your daily routine. No, you have not entered “The Twilight Zone.” You have entered into the world known as the great outdoors, with all of the appeals and wonders that nature has to offer.

As the premier outdoor business of northwest Indiana, Bone Boss Outdoors can assist with your bond to the outdoor world through their land and game management programs or their handcrafted game calls.

Introduced to the outdoor world at the ripe-old age of 8 by his father, the enthusiasm for the natural world can be seen in the proprietor, Dalton Tunis. With a passion that started as a hobby, determination turned the hobby into a business, and in 2022 Bone Boss came to fruition. “Competing in the Starke Tank Business Pitch for 2022 and placing second was a very proud moment for me,” Tunis says.

With a fervor for the outdoors and an enjoyment of working with wood, Tunis ensures that quality and craftsmanship are easily seen in Bone Boss game calls. “We use locally sourced wood to keep things as Indiana as possible,” he says.

Coming from just outside of North Judson, the walnut used by the business is picked, milled and dried. This superb wood is then crafted into a call for turkeys or deer, with a distinction that you can hear.

In addition to crafting high-quality game calls, Bone Boss is also your local source for land management. Through proper management of property, one can be assured that both growth and habitat improvements to your land will have it producing at its maximum potential. Proper land management is accomplished by acceptable methods of planting, maintenance, and other forms of improvements.

Working with both agronomists and biologists helps to establish a plan of action that will ensure the highest quality of growth for your property. Planting can be accomplished by normal cultivation or by using a no-till option. With the competence and expertise to identify what would be best for your particular situation, along with yearly seed recommendations and soil monitoring, the company ensures that your land will sustain maximum growth.

Some land owners enroll in what is known as the Conservation Reserve Program. This program removes land from agricultural production and converts it to a more environmentally friendly form of land use. This form of land use improves the quality of water and soil, increases the wildlife habitat, and helps to improve the ecosystem in general. Bone Boss can assist you if enrolled in this program.

Besides proper planting, another vital aspect of land management is the care and maintenance of trees through timber stand improvement. The removal of excessive trees and growth allows more sunlight to permeate the forest canopy to sustain healthier trees, as well as facilitating new germination. This is accomplished by hinge and clear cutting, girdling, and also by the elimination of harmful and invasive species.

If you have the desire to improve or revamp your hunting property, Bone Boss has several methods to achieve this. Custom food plot recommendations and planting, based on location and seed type, along with habitat improvements, are just a few of the ways to greatly improve the quality of your hunt. Locations for stands and blinds, along with their hanging or setup, can be provided.

Be it your own land or someone else’s, when the great outdoors beckons, Bone Boss can help you answer the call. They can be reached at 574-249-9032, or at For more info, go to

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