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Spreading Success

Beech Road Seed & Fertilizer Focuses on Customer Satisfaction

Writer / Matt Keating 
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Melvin Helmuth, owner of Beech Road Seed & Fertilizer in Nappanee, says he is able to get a steady array of customers by offering a wide selection.

“We sell a lot of seeds, including alfalfa and different grass seeds among many others,” Helmuth says. “We also sell different small grains, corn and beans. I have had some very nice customers tell me they like the seed and fertilizer we sell. They tell us they like the high-quality merchandise, which is true. We focus on great, quality seed. I’m glad we can help our customers grow their businesses.” 

The business also garners regular customers with the mixes they offer. 

“We get customers who want to buy pasture mixes for covered crops, as well as smaller grains,” Helmuth says. “They are looking for seeds that will help their crops.” 

Helmuth notes that the fertilizers offered at his business are also popular. 

“We sell high-quality fertilizer and custom blends,” he says. “I also have inoculates for preservatives for the seeds. I get some good customers who come in for those items. We also have Dr. Paul products, which are popular.” 

Helmuth believes his customers have made the shop a great success.

“The best part of owning the business is interacting with the customers,” he says. “I like being able to find solutions to their seed and fertilizer problems for their farm operations. We have loyal customers and great repeat business. I offer the highest quality so they will come back. I also want to make sure we can answer any questions they may have.” 

A focus on the highest grade of seeds, and offering intelligent solutions to seed and fertilizer problems, has helped Helmuth’s business grow. 

“We really focus on our customers’ questions,” Helmuth says. “We want to make sure we provide the highest-quality seed and fertilizer possible.” 

Employees at Beech Road Seed & Fertilizer are also able to help customers take on any seed or fertilizer issue they have.

“We really find out what the problem is and give high-quality answers,” Helmuth says. “We really listen to our customers and are very knowledgeable about what would work best for them. We want them to come back and know they can rely on us.” 

Helmuth says the shop also has high-quality equipment.

“We have fertilizer spreader and a 10’ seeder,” he says. “Our customers have told us they can rely on our equipment for their seed and fertilizer needs. We have equipment that helps farmers and homeowners get their work done. We want to make sure our quality equipment is the best it can be.” 

Helmuth thinks the business will continue to grow as the years go by.

“I think we will be around for a quite a while,” he says. “This is an area that is continually growing.” 

Helmuth says he enjoys how friendly the people in Nappanee and surrounding areas are. 

“I’ve lived in the area all my life,” he says. “It’s a beautiful area and the people here are so nice.” 

For more information on Beech Road Seed & Fertilizer, located at 276 Beech Road in Nappanee, call 574-773-7717.

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