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Baldwin And Company Owner Talks About Client-First Approach

Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

For many people, money is a subject of contention. Budgeting is stressful, financial planning is a difficult field to navigate, finding the right insurance policy can be a nightmare and don’t get me started on taxes. Fortunately, accountant Barry Baldwin, E.A., the owner of Baldwin And Company, specializes in making his clients’ lives easier by being a one-stop-shop for all things relating to money, whether that’s with taxes, business consulting, bookkeeping, budgeting and a dozen other services. 

Over a thousand people across the nation appreciate Baldwin’s services. His clients span the demographic gamete from corporations, small businesses and not-for-profit organizations to individuals of all ages and economic status. 

Each one is treated like royalty, something that Baldwin contributes to his wife’s influence. 

“[Linda] is the business development for Baldwin And Company, which she is responsible for about all the business we have in Rochester — getting those accounts and keeping them. She also does that function for our clients,” Baldwin says. “I do the numbers, she does the people part of it.” 

Baldwin’s dad, Wayne, the firm’s founder, is also still involved in the business. “He is 82 years old and he works ‘semi’ full time. He comes and goes as he pleases and still sharp as a tack,” Barry says.

For the second-generation owner, it’s a blessing to be able to work with his primary influencer. 

“I’m really blessed and I know it,” he says. “He’s the one who taught me and inspired me. We just reversed roles. Now I have all the headaches and the problems and he comes in, does his job, and leaves. He likes it that way and I do, too.”

One of Baldwin’s passions is for small business advocacy. 

“We focus on keeping our clients in business, keeping them profitable,” he adds.

This is evident in the exclusive services that are offered by Baldwin And Company, like the Business 911 Plan, a program designed to help new and struggling businesses. 

“We basically live with them for about a week and come up with answers and identify problems,” Baldwin says. “It’s been very successful.”

Another way they advocate for small businesses is through their complimentary referral network, which is exclusively available to Baldwin’s clientele. 

“We truly support our clients,” Baldwin says. “We’re not going to refer anyone that’s not good and people know that.” 

The referral network includes businesses from all over the nation. 

“When we sign on a new client, we let them know that we are there to help,” Baldwin adds. “If they need a contractor, we know 10 of them that are really good. If you want a good place to eat, we know 20 that are really good. If you need your horse trained or a veterinarian, we know one. We have all their business cards at our office and if they are needing something, we can say, ‘Here you go. This is who we recommend.’”

Baldwin also offers many services for individuals. One is the We Care Concierge. 

“We like to say that this is the personal finance division,” Baldwin says. 

The services offered in this program are many and vary, depending on the needs of the clients. They manage budgets, balance checkbooks, pay bills, negotiate with creditors and collectors, work with personal banking options and more. 

“We do it for a lot of people, like truck drivers who just don’t have time to keep their own personal books and pay their bills,” Baldwin says. “We have wealthy people who just don’t like doing it and elderly people who were getting taken advantage of.”

From beginning to end, Baldwin And Company is there for its clients. 

“My favorite part of this job is helping people in any way that I possibly can,” he says. “The interactions, the personal relationships are the most rewarding for us. Right behind that, it is very satisfying to know that I can provide a good service at a fair price to actually help people.”

To schedule an appointment to get your free new client consultation, visit Baldwin And Company at their Rochester office at 814 Main St. or call them at (574) 223-2454. In Logansport, they are located at 1800 E. Broadway and can be reached at (574) 753-3898. View their full list of services online at baldwinEA.com or email inquiries to baldwintaxman@gmail.com.

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