Davidsen’s Pier Service and Sales Thrives on Customer Service

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The best waterfront properties, public or private, are known for having specific characteristics. They are built on beautiful lakes and have enviable water access. The properties themselves are often exquisite, with well-manicured lawns and architecture that elicits wows from those who walk by. Pier and boat-lift quality done by the reputable Marine Contractors is vital as well. 


David Davidsen, owner of Davidsen’s Pier Service and Sales LLC, has always enjoyed the outdoors. When a friend encouraged him to become a partner in a pier service business 21 years ago, Davidsen was pleasantly surprised. 

“It is not a job where you need to be inside all the time,” he says. “You get to be out there on the lake. The first couple of piers that I did, I was amazed. I got paid for doing something at the lake. It was very appealing. I’ve always loved the water and I like being out there. I couldn’t imagine a better fit.”

As time passed, Davidsen bought out his business partner. After that, it only took a few years for the business to outgrow his garage. Today Davidsen’s storefront and showroom borders State Road 13, south of North Webster. 

“We have one of the biggest, nicest pier shops around,” he says. “We have one of the biggest displays and we carry more products than any of my competitors do.”

Davidsen’s Pier Service and Sales offers a wide variety of products. Their piers are made of high-quality vinyl, aluminum or wood. As far as styles go, the company offers rolling, floating and fixed piers. Boat lifts are also big sellers.

Davidsen carries a vast variety of parts and accessories at the store as well. 

“Anything that we sell, we carry parts to cover warranty, wear and service,” he says.

That goes for all of the company’s major brands including FLOE, Atlas and ShoreStation. 

“We sell any kind of lake-life stuff – just about anything you can think of that has to do with it,” Davidsen says.

The business also offers parts and pieces for resale. 

“I also have what we call the boneyard, where if somebody has a part for a Muncie pier that they needed, most likely we could find something around here that would work for them,” Davidsen says.


Customer satisfaction is Davidsen’s highest priority, from the moment someone calls the store and speaks with his wife Shanna, to the first time they step onto their new pier.

During an initial customer interaction, Davidsen’s first order of business is to discover exactly what the customer needs. 

“If you called and said, ‘I need a new boat lift,’ I would have you meet me at the shop and custom fit a boat lift for you, and figure out what you wanted on it,” he says. “Then I would meet you out at your site and figure out what it’s going to take to put the boat lift in the water.” 

After a job is completed, the customer is always asked to look their new product over to make sure it meets their expectations. 

Davidsen’s staff members, known to customers as the pier dudes, are known for more than their products. Their services range from installment and removal to repair work and emergency repairs. 

“The reason everyone wants to get on my list is because I get my piers in the water on time,” Davidsen says. “Being with a company like mine – we have a crew available on holiday weekends and on Sundays – it’s something that’s very beneficial to [customers] because what they want is time on the lake.”

However, service is only available to priority customers who have purchased a lift or pier.

“I have between 12 and 14 people a day come through the shop trying to get on our service list,” Davidsen says. “I can’t pick up everyone, unfortunately.”

Another way Davidsen ensures quality service is by maintaining a limited service area.

“We used to go 40 to 50 miles away, but we’ve limited it down now,” he says. “We like to stay between Syracuse Lake and Winona Lake. We had to cut our area down in order to give the kind of service that I want.”


Davidsen’s service speaks for itself, and he gains new business mostly through word-of-mouth. He takes great pride in his business, and it would be impossible without his customers. 

“The customers are probably my favorite part of the business,” he says. “They give us a lot of love. They show us appreciation. The respect and admiration they give us makes the job really fun. We want the best customers and we want to give the best service to them.”

Davidsen’s Pier Service and Sales is located at 4894 North Baldwin Road in North Webster. For more information, call 574-834-1670, email contact@davidsenpierservice.com, and visit davidsenspierservice.com

Davidsen is constantly looking to expand his team with hard workers. The ideal candidate doesn’t need prior experience, but does need to be teachable and enjoy being outside in all kinds of weather.

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