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Amish Kuntry Fried Pie – Millersburg

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Amish Kuntry Fried Pie Bakes Up Fresh Treats 

Writer / Matt Keating 
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Amish Kuntry Fried PieMarlin Miller, co-owner of Amish Kuntry Fried Pie in Millersburg, says he is glad he took over the popular business in 2014. 

“My wife Anna and I bought the business from John Mullet, who did a great job,” Miller says. “We wanted to make sure we kept up the high quality of the pies to keep our customers happy, and we did. We still aren’t sure where John came up with his name for the business, but it works.” 

The Millers succeeded in their business goal of increasing sales, and have attracted new customers in the process. 

“John Mullet moved to Wisconsin and started a pretzel business,” Miller says. “We were able to take his successful business and build on it to keep it moving forward in the right direction. We make sure every pie is fresh, delicious and very flavorful. We also sell the same 13 flavors, and people know what they are getting.” 

The 13 flavors include seedless black raspberry, apple, peach, cherry, strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, blueberry, Bavarian cream, lemon, chocolate, peanut butter, coconut, and pumpkin, which is seasonal. 

Miller says sales have been strong in the last several months.

“Ninety percent of our revenues are from fundraising efforts for schools, hospitals and churches,” Miller says. “There are also five or six festivals a year that we participate in that also really help with sales.”

Miller adds that he sells pies wholesale at Double R Grocery in Millersburg. 

“People enjoy buying the pies at Double R Grocery, and we also do well at different summer produce stands,” Miller says. “The pies are also taken to bazaars.”

Miller gets a lot of satisfaction from people enjoying the freshness of the pies.

“We have one woman who takes our pies to different flea markets,” Miller says. “She goes to Shipshewana and on the road. She does a lot of sales for us. Our wholesale revenues are really strong, and we also do well at different festivals.” 

Miller is grateful for sales at churches and schools.

Amish Kuntry Fried Pie“Every year our sales increase because the churches and schools do so many fundraisers,” Miller says. “The people involved in the school charities take a lot of orders and sell the pies for things like soccer team events. The coaches get team members to sell the pies to raise money for uniforms and team trips. During the fundraisers we get a certain percentage from the sales of the pies. It’s nice to be able to make a profit, and also help the schools and churches at the same time.” 

Miller says certain pies have remained big sellers. 

“Our four most popular pies have been the fruit flavors,” Miller says. “They are the black raspberry, apple, peach and cherry pies. People have said they really love those flavors, but we also do a lot of sales with all of the other flavors.”

Miller adds that people in Millersburg and the surrounding areas have been very kind to him and his family over the years.

“I’ve lived in this area for my whole life and I really love it,” Miller says. “This is a beautiful place, and it’s a special area. It’s a great place to have a family.” 

Miller notes that he and Anna get a lot of help with Amish Kuntry Fried Pie from their children.

“Our kids do a lot of work to keep the business going,” he says. “Our daughter Lori is 17 and our son Jaylin is 15. They do their jobs right and know what they are doing. We also enjoy working with them.”

Miller says Amish Kuntry Fried Pie has also been successful through positive word of mouth. 

“We have so many people that tell us they love our pies and that makes you feel good,” Miller says. “There is a huge fundraising base of family and friends that are trying to better their community, and they have made us a part of that.”

Contact Amish Kuntry Fried Pie, Located at 10750 West 600 South in Millersburg, at 260-593-0209.

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