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Akron Ice Cream Shoppe Serves Up Nostalgia

Writer / Matt Keating 
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Teresa Ogle, owner of Akron Ice Cream Shoppe, says she loves being able to offer people delicious treats that bring back fond memories. 

“I am the only ice cream shop in the town of Akron,” Ogle says. “There are two other restaurants that sell ice cream but we have the only ice cream shop. As far as the first places here go, many years ago both drugstore

Akron Ice Cream Shoppe

s in town had served ice cream. One was an old-fashioned soda shop inside the drugstore. Both are no longer in business.” 

Ogle knew people would appreciate having a business they could visit regularly – one that would make them feel good and even nostalgic. 

“It’s why I decided to open an ice cream shop,” Ogle says. “I purchased a large building and wanted to build different businesses in the town of Akron that were not available to customers. I wanted them to be three different entities.”

Ogle believes she succeeded.

“I was just trying to fill up space and offer a variety of things I felt Akron was missing,” she says. “I first opened up Akron Liquor Store and followed that up with Akron Tropical Tanning, and then Akron Ice Cream Shoppe, hoping to add different shopping experiences to many customers.”

Ogle loves the feeling that her business gives her.

“An ice cream shop takes me back in time,” Ogle says. “Maybe it was the walk after school to the downtown ice cream shop in my hometown. I was excited to hang out with my friends and laugh with my classmates for 30 minutes. Maybe it was being 14 years old and having a crush on a boy, and being able to sit on a stool next to him. I ordered a Cherry Coke, but I was afraid to sip through the straw. I imagined he could hear me swallow the drink.”

Ogle enjoys bringing those same nostalgic feelings to other people. They can share the same meaningful and fun experiences with their families and friends.

“I hope this place serves the public for years to come and brings some joy to people as much as the one I visited as a teenager,” she says. “The retro feel is what I was going for.”

Ogle notes there are already several customer favorites. 

“The popular ice cream flavors are Superman and Little Blue Panda with the kids,” she says. “For those who are young at heart, they are enjoying Midnight Caramel River, Cinnamon Bun, Black Cherry, Moose Tracks and Honey Roasted Peanut Butter.”

Ogle has her own favorite flavors when she wants a sweet treat. 

Akron Ice Cream Shoppe

“My personal favorites are Cappuccino Crunch and Cold Brewed Caramocha,” Ogle says. 

Ogle adds that the business is also a cafe. 

“We serve Spanish hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, brats and barbecue pork,” she says. “We also sell candy, popcorn and cotton candy.” 

The shop also features daily specials. Some of the tasty specials have included chicken noodles, beef Manhattan and meat loaf.

The store also offers coffee and hot chocolate. 

Ogle says her business is housed in a 112-year-old building.

“It has housed many different families and several different businesses over the years,” she says. 

Akron Ice Cream Shoppe is located at 139 South Mishawaka Street in Akron. For more info, call 574-598-2093.

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