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A Survival Guide for Valentine’s Day

A Survival Guide for Valentine’s Day

Writer / Kayla Clemons, New Kitchen Store
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Everyone enjoys Valentine’s Day, the day of love and affection, but it can be quite a challenge for couples who struggle to be vulnerable and are emotionally awkward. Fear not, for you are not alone in the sometimes-comedic journey through the mushy and emotional realm of this romantic holiday. Embrace the absurdity of the situation and employ these tactics to survive the day unscathed.

Valentine’s Day

  1. The Emotionless Gift Exchange: Instead of conventional, sentimental gifts, opt for items that reflect your lack of emotional expression. An instruction manual like “How to Show Love 101” or a book titled “Emotions: A User’s Guide” will surely create laughter and break the ice.
  2. The Strategic Card Selection: Put your humor to good use and search for Valentine’s Day cards that poke fun at expressing emotions. Look for one-liners like “Roses are red, violets are blue, I hate poetry…but I kinda like you.”
  3. The Competitive Love Game: Buy cookie cutters in the shape of Cupid, a heart, or other themed shapes, and plan an evening of baking cookies and decorating them to see who can create the most clichéd cookies. Create a menu featuring nontraditional flavors like cinnamon, cayenne, and ginger while incorporating romantic flavors such as chocolate and strawberry.
  4. The Vulnerability Shield: If expressing emotions is still a struggle, create a fun code word or gesture to symbolize vulnerability (no, you can’t hide under a blanket). Whenever one of you musters up the courage to be affectionate or say something sweet, give the other person a playful signal, like wearing a foam finger or going cross-eyed to acknowledge the monumental moment.
  5. Just embrace love, and surprise your loved one with a candlelit dinner and romantic place setting. This will surely set a new tone and start romanticizing the idea that you can be awkward and loving all in one.

The key to surviving Valentine’s Day is to create memories and to love with all your heart.

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