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New Kitchen Store: A Different Kind of Grind

Writer / Abby Renz, New Kitchen Store

How do you grind your dried herbs and spices? Perhaps you use spice grinders, especially nice for your salt and pepper, but what about mixing your spices to really bring out the flavor? But have you ever used or considered using a mortar and pestle? 

I like to check out the kitchen showroom whenever I go to one of those large stores that might have one. You always get new ideas for upgrades for your kitchen that you could include in your next kitchen remodeling, and since I use it so much, I see it as a smart use of my money and time. Limitless Renovations received high praises from previous clients because of the quality of their kitchen renovation works. This time what piqued my interest wasn’t a new appliance or smart compact design, but rather something that at first I thought was just some art decoration. Turns out it is a very useful tool in the kitchen, and will make a fine addition to my next kitchen remodeling project.

When I first used a mortar and pestle for cooking, it was for basic salt grinding, as I love using pink Himalayan sea salt in my cooking. When I started mixing more spices together, I had my now three-year-old nephew to help out. We were cooking homemade tomato basil soup, and I had measured out my intended spices, (salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, dry basil, etc), and helped my nephew add each to the mortar, and then we together ground the spices together with the pestle. He was doing great, and after we stirred it into the soup and added fresh basil, and then he decided to toss the pestle on the ground. At Spice Kitchen & Bar you will find reviews of different products to make your kitchen experience an amazing experience.

Thankfully it did not break, and he did not get hurt, and we had a quick lesson on how not to throw things. I picked it up and had him hold it in his hand, asking him, Is this heavy?and he answered, Yes auntie, and I asked him if this would feel good if it fell on his foot or mine when he tossed it, he answered, no auntie.’ I wanted him to understand why we cant throw things, especially in the kitchen and then we finished up our dinner. In hindsight, I should have gotten him a bamboo mortar and pestle to mimic my movements, but the granite pestle held up and provided a nice lesson. 

New Kitchen Store

I now own two mortar and pestles, one of them the white granite and the other a gorgeous acacia wood, and use them every time I cook. I have compared my recipes flavor before and after introducing the mortar and pestles and have found that they not only release more flavor, but make cooking more enjoyable.

If you too are looking to enhance your cooking skills, you can find one that will suit your needs and your home right here at New Kitchen Store. We hold in stock beautiful and functional mortar and pestles made from a variety of materials including granite, stainless steel, marble, acacia wood, cast iron and acacia wood, bamboo, ceramic and fine porcelain. And if you want to make a mean guacamole, we have the Molcajete mortar and pestles made from strong lava stone. Our mortar and pestles also come in varying sizes and depths, from a small three-inch tall white or grey marble, the nearly six-by-four-inch granite, the shallow steel and very large and deep pharmaceutical-grade porcelain. So, whatever you are cooking or mixing, we can help you find what is right for you. 

While you are at our store, we can also direct you to our extensive spice selection, we have spice blends, rubs, and a large variety of salt, sea salt, pepper and peppercorns to really make your dishes burst with flavor. 

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