Tips of the Trade: Creating an At-Home Spa

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spaCreating an at-home spa is a great way to de-stress and relax. A trip to the spa is always amazing, however, creating a relaxing space in your very own home is a must and can easily be done on any budget. Self-care is often neglected but is so very important and I’m a total advocate for this. Setting aside a moment of your day or week to pause, reflect and reboot does wonders for the soul.

Creating this space is quite easy and there are just a few things to consider while doing so. Recognizing the process of relaxation and self-care is key. Creating a space that is nurturing to all five senses like touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste enhances the experience. First, pick a space where you can be alone without distractions. The most obvious place might be your bathroom. The bathroom is my favorite because this is where most of us spend time doing self-care rituals already. Below is a detailed description of how all five senses can be integrated in your home spa.


Touch, as a sense, is the ability to perceive an object or often stimulus that encounters the surface of the skin. Most important of them all is the element of water. Water has been used as a cleansing tool both physically and spiritually by many cultures throughout history. There is nothing better than soaking in a nice warm bath or hot tub. If you decide to purchase hot tubs, you may search online for a supplier that offers different sizes and types of hot tubs. Southern Leisure is the premier hot tubs dallas store to consider. Adding Epsom salt, bath bombs and oil make for the ultimate bath experience. Purchasing a nice soft robe or simply bringing in your favorite lounge wear and socks to slip into adds to the touch experience. Facial and body modalities such as loofah sponges and facial brushes, as well as scrubs, masks, serums, oils and lotions all are ways to stimulate touch and nurture yourself. There is a wide variety of products on the market to choose from. There are DIY budget-friendly recipes out there but be sure all are non-toxic, non-comedogenic an non-inflammatory.


Sight is the visual perception of your ability to perceive and interpret your surrounding and environment. Adding some of your favorite candles and dimming overhead lights instantly creates a feeling of relaxation. You can incorporate an element of nature by placing your favorite flowers or plants within eyesight to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Although I’m not a huge fan of including electronics into this space, tuning on video that relaxes, such as a crackling fire or crashing ocean waves, can be a nice added touch.


Hearing is a sense that is a mechanism by which we receive information about our external environment. Music is a way to immediately induce a state of calm. Some examples of this are soft piano music, binary vibrational sounds, or sounds of nature such as ocean waves, a crackling fire, falling rain, birds chirping or dolphin and whales speaking. Sometimes we just need to sit in silence and that’s also ok–whatever resonates with your soul is just what you need.


Smell is the special sense through which smells are perceived and can have direct effect on your state of mind. Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils–use of essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, peppermint, rose and bergamot are a few oils that are known to contain relaxing benefits. I do suggest, though, that you carefully select essential oils you purchase and be sure they are higher grade “A” oils. Any pre-made bath salts, soaks, bath oils, lotions and candles are infused with aromatherapy oils and scents.


Taste is the sensation perceived by your mouth. Including taste as a part of your relaxing space adds the element of nutrition which is key to selfcare. Some examples are hot chamomile tea with a dash of local honey or cucumber and mint infused filtered water. In addition to all five senses, I would like to mention the importance of movement, such as light stretching, yoga and mindful breathing exercises. When enjoying an at-home spa experience, it is important to be in a state of mindfulness through acts of prayer, meditation, loving affirmations and gratefulness.

Whether you’re creating an at-home spa experience or seeking a professional spa experience, Skinology is here to help. We are also happy to bring the experience to you with our in-home spa treatment.

Much Love & Peace

Heather Hunt & Skinology Team

spaHere is a list of Skinology favorites you can add to your in-home spa experience. All of these are retailed in our office:

  • Hot and cold therapy utilizing wasabi, cooling masks or an invigorating cocoa berry vitamin C mask
  • Brightening facial scrub containing a plethora of nutrients and yummy aromas
  • Cucumber hydrating mist
  • Hydrating grape seed nourishing oil for body and face
  • Bamboo or brown sugar body scrubs
  • Nurture Body Balm containing sandalwood, cocoa seed butter and lavender jade facial rollers
  • Ultrasonic facial brushes

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