Stones Crossing Health Pavilion Physical Therapy and Rehab, Sports Medicine, Stones Crossing Health Pavilion, Occupational Therapy

Stones Crossing Health Pavilion

Offering a Broad Spectrum of Physical Therapy Options

Writer / Katie Burrell
Photographer / Ron Stiemert

Community Health Network and Johnson Memorial Hospital have made it easy for Greenwood and White River residents to access medical services. With the addition of the Stone Crossing Health Pavilion located just south of Stones Crossing on State Road 135, patients who once had to drive to doctor appointments are finding care in their own backyard.

As a partnership between the two medical groups, the building houses an array of primary care and specialty care physicians, which include family medicine care, pediatric care, orthopedic specialty care, women’s health and general surgical care.


“There was an obvious need for easy access to healthcare because of the tremendous growth in the area,” South Region Rehab Manager Nancy Lewark said.

Lewark, who has a history in physical therapy and rehabilitation, recalled a clinic in the White River area that once served residents. However, it closed down, and patients transferred to the South Park location on the east side of Greenwood.

Patients are able to see doctors from both healthcare organizations and have a variety of options to serve the needs of any family. When the Stones Crossing location opened two years ago, the facility began serving the community immediately, thanks to its solid understanding of the market and patients who were excited to visit their therapists closer to home. “The [physical therapy and rehabilitation] programs we developed were based on the services we felt were needed in this market,” Lewark said.

Stones Crossing Health Pavilion Physical Therapy and Rehab, Sports Medicine, Stones Crossing Physical Therapy and Rehab

With a large facility and access to state-of-the-art equipment, Lewark is proud of the physical therapy and rehabilitation center. Located in 14,500 square feet of space, the practice offers physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Services include a physical therapy program for adults. The majority of patients need orthopedic therapy for a defined area such as a hip, ankle or shoulder. Some come in with neurological problems that are a result of a stroke or Parkinson’s disease.

The facility also offers physical therapy for sports-related injuries. This program’s goal is to get athletes back on the field or court as soon as possible. Middle and high school athletes make up the majority of these patients, but Lewark noted that “weekenders,” or children and adults who play for recreation, also benefit from this unique program. The building houses golf/batting cages and courts for sports performance exercises as well. Once an athlete is ready to move on from physical therapy, the center offers a Bridge Program that provides additional support to improve strength and performance.

Aquatic therapy is also available, thanks to a HydroWorx pool that allows patients to work muscle and improve performance without aggravating injuries. The pool has a treadmill inside that can be raised to the top of the water level, so a patient can walk on the deck and be lowered into the water.

With all the work involved in therapy and rehabilitation, making it seem like play can be a challenge, but Lewark said that the occupational therapy offered for pediatric patients is exceptional, thanks to an impressive sensory gym. Pediatric specialists use swings, platforms, climbing walls, ramps and all kinds of toys to help children develop gross motor skills and to integrate sensory stimulants into daily life.

“The kids think they are playing,” Lewark said, “but therapists have very specific goals they are trying to reach.” Most pediatric patients range in age from infant to 13 years of age. The facility also includes a track and enclosed treatment rooms for fine motor development such as writing, dressing and feeding.

21354380515_e2f45ec3e3_oFinally, speech and language therapy services provide care to children and adults with various speech disorders. A therapist will sit down with patients and work on exercises to improve swallowing, language, articulation and help minimize stuttering. Treatment rooms have mirrored windows so that families can observe and listen to sessions.

Keeping in line with its goal of providing service to a growing community, Lewark said they have built the practice so that it can continue to accommodate the needs of its growing patient base for years to come. For more information, visit

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