Strough’s Supermarket Has Served Fortville Community For More Than 50 Years

Photographer: Lucas Cooley

Strough’s Supermarket, 624 Madison Street, Fortville, has been a neighborhood institution for decades. It’s the kind of store where you become a familiar face quickly.

Shoppers have been known to drive to the supermarket from many miles away to get specific items and have become like family to Strough’s employees.

Ramanjit Kaur, the store manager, says Strough’s has been around for more than 50 years.

Sabrina Harmon, the head cashier for Strough’s Supermarket, adds that the store has a long and happy history.            

“It opened in 1949,” she says. “The Strough brothers, Lloyd and Bud, started it as a two-pump gas station and mini-mart and built on in later years,” Harmon says. 

Over the past several decades, the look and feel of the store have changed to adapt to modern times like adding more equipment such as those shopping trolley for sale, but the same family-friendly feeling has remained the same.

Harmon, who has worked at the store for close to 31 years, believes Strough’s Supermarket has stayed popular because “it was the only grocery store in town.”

Generations of Fortville and nearby Geist and McCordsville residents also like the no-fuss, homey feel and personalized service they get at Strough’s Supermarket.

Kaur noted that “it is popular because of our great customer service, love and support of a great neighborhood. People here are great and generous. They are like family.

“We still have a few of the older customers that are able to still shop here, but most are kids and grandchildren of the older regulars,” Harmon adds. “The grandparents have their kids and grandkids drive them here to shop.”

Both old and new customers also know where everything is.

“Our long-time regulars and new shoppers know they can rely on us to answer questions and get them what they need,” Harmon says. “They don’t have to deal with a lot of traffic or like long lines.”

“We also have customers that were employees before we took over,” Kaur adds. “It is great to see them come and shop. The Strough family has built a great reputation.”

Strough’s is also popular because it’s more convenient than the big stores. 

“It’s easier to get in and out of without having to park a mile away, and everyone knows one another,” Harmon says. “The meat deals are also really good.”

Harmon says the Strough family recently sold the store to new owners Gurmail Singh, and his nephew, Bill Singh.

“The Strough brothers sold the store three years ago, and the new owners have done a great job on providing great customer service and offering great meat bundle deals among some in-store specials,” Harmon says. “We have received a lot of positive response from our customers.”

Kaur believes that “by being in business for so long, the neighbors love the personal service and the feeling of family when they walk into the store. The customer should feel as if this is their store when they are shopping here or if they just want to stop by for a chat. It’s always welcome.”

Harmon adds that weekly deli specials have also been getting people to come in the doors.

“We have rib specials on Mondays, meatloaf deals on Wednesdays and fish specials on Fridays,” she says.

Kaur says the most popular items are “both the hot and cold deli items. We also have the new fresh cut meats that we started. We feel like customers love the fresh cut meats we provide.”

Strough’s Supermarket also has popular specials on New York Strip, T-Bone Steaks, Porter House Steaks, sirloins, Chuck Steaks, Chuck Roasts, cube steaks, ground beef and ground chuck.

“We get a lot of customers asking about Platter Bacon, Pork Chops, Breaded Pork Tenderloins, hot dogs, bologna, smoked sausage and smoked hams,” Harmon adds.

Kaur personally feels it is more convenient for customers to shop at Strough’s.

“They are well aware of what we have in the store,” Kaur says. “It’s at a great location. For many, it’s within walking distance. We want to expand more business.”

Harmon has loved seeing so many familiar faces over the years and continues to enjoy meeting new customers.

“I love watching kids grow up and bring in their families,” she says. “Strough’s Supermarket is a great family place.”

Strough’s Supermarket is located at 624 N Madison St in Fortville. You can give them a call at 317-485-4061.

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