Tabby Tree Weaver Brings Unique Weaving Classes to Fishers

 Photographer / Brian Brosmer

A rug, a dog collar, a camera strap and a towel all have one thing in common — they’re woven. This technique makes the fabrics we wear and the upholstery of our home goods. Yet, few take on this intimidating craft. Owner of Tabby Tree Weaver, Sandi Lemons, wants to change that.

“Weaving is really for everyone and there’s a kind of weaving that any person can do,” Lemons says. “It’s for all ages, all genders.”

Lemons brought Tabby Tree Weaver down to Fishers from Cicero to make it more accessible. She says it’s the only weaving shop in the area, and it’s frequented by a community of weavers. Some drive from as far as Fort Wayne to purchase fibers and attend classes.

Former owner Linda Adamson knows all the names of the regular customers. Lemons was once one of the weavers attending classes and learning from Adamson. Now, she is the teacher.

Lemons recently bought Tabby Tree Weaver from Adamson in 2019 but continued to seek advice from Adamson as a temporary instructor. It made the transition much smoother for Lemons.

Lemons loves being located in Fishers.

“This is a great time to be in Fishers. It’s really dynamic and cutting-edge advancements are being brought in with a focus on the arts and technology,” Lemons says. “That’s the kind of community I really enjoy being involved in.”

It’s also just a five-minute drive from home to the store. Not every part of the business is so quick, however. Sometimes it can take up to 10 hours to set up her largest looms  a task she does for some of her one-day classes.

Tabby Tree Weaver offers classes for beginners to advanced weavers. Classes can last up to three all-day sessions, like the towel workshop that creates six towels per person.

For Lemons, this is a dream profession. She grew up learning to crochet and playing with textiles. At one point, she imagined opening a yarn shop.

“It was just when I left my full-time job that I had time to really weave,” Lemons says. “I love textiles — it’s something that has always attracted me.”

Lemons hopes to attract young weavers with new classes. She wants to create a bracelet class or bring more into a class where they make bands for camera straps, belts or dog collars.

Lemons wants people to pop in and check out the looms, just to look. Then, maybe they’ll return to learn how to make a rug, dog collar, camera strap or towel.

Tabby Tree Weaver is located at 9832 N by NE Blvd in Fishers. It’s open Wednesday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. It’s closed Sunday – Tuesday. The price of classes varies but are usually around $100 – $250. For more information, visit the shop online at

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