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Snakeroot Botanicals Opens New Shop for Plant Lovers

Writer / Megan Arszman
Photographer / Sam Zachrich

Snakeroot BotanicalsEveryone’s looking for a way to bring freshness to their home following two years of the pandemic, and while houseplants have been popular for many years, they’ve grown exponentially in recent years. 

“People are realizing how much joy it brings to have something pretty and green in their home,” says Laura Johns, owner of Snakeroot Botanicals in Fishers. It’s the second location for the business, and the first was opened in Fountain Square in mid-2020. The Fishers store opened in April and is bringing freshness to the area. 

When it came to naming her business, Johns was looking for something unique and related to Indiana. Snakeroot is a flowering plant native to Indiana, is one of the last flowering plants in the fall, and is one of the last nectar sources for pollinators. “I love the plant’s ability to flower and be the last nectar source for our bees and pollinating insects,” Johns says.  

One factor that sets the shop apart, Johns says, is that while it’s a plant shop with a focus on indoor plants, the aim of the store’s team is to be as sustainable and organic as possible. Snakeroot Botanicals focuses on having options for people by offering tea and herbs as well as gardening and outdoor supplies – an eclectic mix, rather than just houseplants. 

Snakeroot BotanicalsThe store offers a variety of seeds, and during the spring months they offer veggie and garden starters. “Our biggest draw is our houseplants, but we like to have so many other things that can capture the fancy of green and black thumbs alike,” Johns says.

Another unique aspect of Snakeroot Botanicals is that the soil is blended in-house. “People who have houseplants don’t want giant, multi-pound bags of potting soil, so we came up with the idea to blend our own soil,” Johns says. “We did a lot of research on how to make it as sustainable as possible, so we have a regular houseplant blend and then one that is a well-draining option.” 

The store supplies burlap bags (customers can also provide their own bags) to allow customers to purchase exactly how much they need, instead of potentially buying a giant bag of soil that might not be used completely. 

The Fishers location offers a space with a wide variety of gardening and plant books available for sale, and patrons can also simply peruse the section while shopping if they have a question. The staff members are knowledgeable about plants and gardening, and are always available to answer questions. For those just starting to care for houseplants, Johns recommends the snake-plant family or the ZZ plant – two of the most common types for beginners or those needing a hardier plant. 

A native of Ohio, Johns and her husband, Patrick Burtch, own Snakeroot Botanicals with their business partner Mike Angel. Burtch owns a record and coffee shop in Fountain Square, so small business is big business for the family. 

Learn more about plants and gardening by visiting Snakeroot Botanicals at 8597 East 116th Street in Fishers. For more info on the store, go to 


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