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New Year’s Resolutions: A Fresh Perspective

Writer / Lindsay Willard
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New YearHello again, New Year. As someone who works in the field of health, fitness and wellness, I always notice an uptick of social media posts about weight-loss tips this time of year. The start of the New Year is often associated with thoughts like, Lose those unwanted pounds” and Get the body youve always wanted” and This is your year to transform!” To be honest, it makes me cringe, because heres what those statements are actually saying: You arent good enough at that weight” and Your body doesnt look the way its supposed to” and Youve failed before, so do better this year.” It all makes me feel very, very uncomfortable.

There is nothing wrong with you. Just because its the New Year does not mean that you have to start a new diet, begin a new workout program or swear that youll go for a run every morning. Why do I say that? Because in case you missed it the first time, there is nothing wrong with you, and making promises that you might not keep will only make you feel really, really bad if you dont keep them.

According to a study published in the New York Post, only 8% of people typically stick with their health-related New Years resolutions. Yet every year we repeat the same behaviors, almost ceremoniously. We hang our shiny new calendar on the wall, and to it we tie our self-worth in the form of New Years goals that are difficult to maintain. We vow to cut out processed carbohydrates. We promise to strength train three to four times per week. We affirm that well follow macronutrients and get all of our steps in every day. We start out Herculean until mid-January, when someone invites us out to dinner and we eat the things we swore wed never eat again. Or, we have valiant plans for a morning workout, until the night before that workout when one of our kids wakes up sick and our plans are derailed.

Life happens. If you cant bend, youll snap. Does one imperfect meal mean the end of all your good intentions? Nope. Does one missed workout mean that you should put your treadmill on Facebook Marketplace? Nope.

Turning the page to the New Year is truly no different than turning the page to March 12 or June 3 or October 26. I think that setting goals for yourself in an effort to be stronger and happier, increase mental clarity, reduce stress and lower cholesterol are all wonderful things. What I dont like is the focus on weight loss above all else. I dont like the pressure that coincides with January 1. Resolutions are doomed from the start. The timing is terrible. Youre coming straight off of December, which for many includes holiday parties, dinners out, treats, stress, travel and gatherings. Then its New Years Eve. Youre eating, drinking, celebrating and cheers-ing, and after your evening of indulgence, youre supposed to rise from the ashes after the New Year, protein drink in hand, and ride your Peloton into the sunrise? Thats a whole lot of pressure, when what you really want to do is sleep in, drink coffee, and mentally recover from the holidays. If you really want to speed up the weight loss process, then you can look into weight loss treatments such as weight loss injections in Cypress, TX or procedures like body sculpting in OKC offered by medical spas like Allure Laser & Med Spa or Women’s Institute for Health that also provide cosmetic surgery in Noblesville, IN.

New YearSo this year, go easy on yourself. Know that youre amazing exactly as you are. If you make it over to the Nickel Plate Trail for a mind-clearing run or a walk, great. If you stay in bed, laptop on your lap, shopping post-holiday online sales in your PJs, great. Take your wellness goals one day at a time and consult experts such as weight loss clinic in Garden City, NY that specialize in weight loss in Hattiesburg, MS and other areas. Be forgiving of days when you skip a workout or enjoy a special dinner instead of sticking to your plan. Improving your health is an ongoing, long-term process, and a good plan allows for rest days and dinners, as well as drinks with friends. Start the new year knowing that youre worth whatever makes you feel your best, whether that process begins on January 1 or not. Cheers to 2023, Fishers friends.

Lindsay Willard is the president of 10MoreSeconds, a fitness, health and wellness company, and is a huge proponent of using exercise and good nutrition as a tool for mental and physical health and longevity. She spends her time working with individuals to improve their health, and also works with local companies by providing on-site wellness programming. She resides in Fishers with her husband, three kids and an adorable puppy.

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